WWE ignored the WarGames concept for decades, as Vince McMahon rejected the Southern fried wrestling idea time and time again. Triple H was the man responsible for bringing that match to NXT, and it didn’t take him very long to take the match to the main roster when he took over as Chief Content Officer of the company.

WWE is set to take over the Allstate Arena in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois for the 37th Survivor Series on Saturday, November 25th. No matches have been announced for the card yet, but we can confirm one huge match that will be on the show.

Ringside News reached out to inquire about WWE’s plan for another WarGames match this year. We were told by a tenured member of creative that WarGames is considered an annual match for Survivor Series.

At this time, WWE is planning another WarGames match for Survivor Series this year. That should give fans in Chicago another huge match to add to their checklist, as they have hosted a ton of spectacular pro wrestling events in recent years.


No participants have been announced, or even hinted at, for the next WarGames match at Survivor Series. WWE obviously has a few months to plan for that match. It appears that fans in Chicago will have an even bigger reason to buy a ticket for WWE’s annual November showcase now.

Survivor Series used to be known for their multi-person elimination tag team matches. Those used to comprise a majority of the card. Now, those classic Survivor Series matches aren’t really a huge focus on the card, but WarGames is a very good replacement on that annual event.

On the other side of the pro wrestling world, AEW has their Blood & Guts matches, and they just held one in Boston. That was a bloody spectacle, as many expected it would be. Although blood isn’t as common in WWE, they will still hold another WarGames match this year to show the pro wrestling world their version of a double-ring cage match.

Only time will tell if William Regal will be able to announce the WarGames match, as he made famous in NXT. After all, he is still riding out a clause in his AEW release that says he cannot appear on WWE television for year.

Do you love the fact that Triple H brought WarGames to the WWE main roster? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

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