William Regal leaving AEW caused a lot of shock among wrestling fans, since he was contracted for a good amount of time. Apparently, AEW and Regal came to terms on a release that was conditional.

While speaking at the ROH Final Battle media call, AEW CEO & President Tony Khan was asked about the terms of William Regal’s contract, and he disclosed something very interesting about WWE. He said Regal’s deal includes coaching aspects, but he will not be an on-air talent for WWE.

Tony Khan also revealed that he was surprised by Triple H’s tweet about Regal from November. Of course, Triple H mentioned on Twitter how nice it would be to hear William Regal announce that WarGames is coming. Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net covered the media event via Twitter.

Tony is asked about Regals release and if it is unconditional, or if he is allowed to appear as talent. Tony says that he believes the deal allows him to coach, but that he will not be appearing as an on air talent next year. Says he was surprised by Triple H’s tweet about Regal.


AEW really let a wrestling genius in William Regal leave the company, and those ramifications could be felt for a long time to come. WWE will be enjoying Regal’s leadership and knowledge yet again, but he very likely won’t be on television for a long time.

Hopefully, we’ll hear from Regal’s side down the road. It should be an interesting story to hear.

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