A curious fan took to Twitter to inquire whether Saraya would be participating in the highly anticipated 2023 AEW All In PPV event, set to take place at London’s Wembley Stadium. Saraya, in response, shared her uncertainty while playfully acknowledging Tony Khan’s reputation as a three-time Booker of the Year according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Saraya expressed her confidence that whatever plans Khan has in store will undoubtedly be impressive.

Saraya’s tweet came in response to a few criticisms surrounding the event. She addressed the assertion that “no one cares about it” by pointing out that the event’s tickets have nearly sold out even before a single match has been announced.

She countered claims that “no one talks about it” by highlighting that the event consistently trends on social media. She also challenged the notion that some individuals may not care about the event by pointing out that they are still watching it and eagerly anticipating its occurrence.


“No one cares about it? But it’s nearly sold out before 1 match was even announced. No one talks about it? Yet it trends everyday. You don’t care about it? Yet you are watching it and can’t wait to see it. Make it make sense bud.”

Saraya encouraged people to embrace their enjoyment of events, regardless of personal preferences. She emphasized that the nearly sold-out status of the event demonstrates that its success is not easily swayed by opinions, and she encouraged individuals to find joy in what they like, even if it doesn’t align with everyone else’s perspective.

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