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WWE NXT will start this week at 8:00 PM EST, as always. match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

The following is confirmed for tonight’s event:

  • Blair Davenport taking on Kelani Jordan
  • Ivy Nile facing off against Kiana James
  • Noam Dar defending a fake Heritage Cup trophy against Tyler Bate
  • Ilja Dragunov going up against Trick Williams
  • Bron Breakker squaring off against Von Wagner
  • NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton making her first live appearance since The Great American Bash
  • NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio, alongside WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley, defending against Dragon Lee with 2023 WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio


Rhea and Dom are present. Rhea informs Dragon Lee that Dom is prepared to show him his rightful position. Dom adds that it would be quite amusing to defeat Lee, especially with his underachieving father watching.


The focus then shifts to Dragon Lee and Rey Mysterio as they arrive at the venue, situated in the highly perilous parking lot synonymous with Sports Entertainment. Lee expresses his gratitude to Rey for accompanying him at ringside. In response, Rey expresses anticipation about witnessing the rise of lucha libre’s future as Lee vies for the North American title tonight.

Axiom vs Mustafa Ali

Ali balances on the mat while maintaining a wrist lock on Axiom. Axiom swiftly reverses the hold, prompting Ali to counter with a chop followed by a side headlock. Ali then executes a shoulder tackle and a well-placed kick to Axiom’s back. Demonstrating his agility, Ali performs an arm drag, but Axiom quickly responds with a head scissors. The exchange continues as Ali delivers another head scissors, nearly securing a pinfall. Axiom counters with a rollup that also results in a near fall.

In a clash of strength, Ali drives Axiom into the corner and delivers a series of chops. Axiom retaliates with chops of his own, and Ali answers with a kick. As the action unfolds, Ali delivers an uppercut while cornered. Axiom attempts an Irish whip, but Ali maneuvers and sends Axiom to the apron. Axiom capitalizes with a well-aimed kick, utilizing a head scissors that propels Ali into the announce table. While Axiom positions himself on the apron, Scrypts makes an appearance in the aisle.

Ali manages to catch Axiom off-guard with an inside cradle, resulting in another close near fall. Axiom escapes a potential suplex and counters with a corner kick. Axiom follows up with a dropkick and a waist lock, but Ali maintains his grip on the ropes. Axiom executes a Northern Lights suplex and a moonsault, narrowly missing victory. Ali shoves Axiom off the turnbuckles and responds with a buckshot lariat.

The arrival of Bronco Nima and Lucien Price accompanies Scrypts’ presence.

Axiom nearly pins Ali with an inside cradle once again. Ali retaliates with a strong kick, prompting Axiom to execute a dive through the ropes, landing a German suplex on Ali. Axiom proceeds with a shoulder attack from the apron, but Ali counters with a jumping thrust kick during Axiom’s slingshot maneuver. A near fall ensues for Ali. Axiom attempts an Irish whip, and Ali avoids a splash by transitioning to the apron. Ali lands a kick and aims for a slingshot rolling neck breaker, but Axiom catches him and locks in a sleeper hold. Axiom transitions into a guillotine choke, and Ali creatively converts it into a jackhammer maneuver. Ali readies for a powerbomb, but Axiom stands his ground. Axiom surprises Ali with a Destroyer, prompting Ali to roll out of the ring.

Axiom’s attempt at a moonsault from the turnbuckles to the floor results in a knee injury upon landing. As Axiom returns to the ring, Ali capitalizes with a knee strike. Ali then executes a swinging neck breaker on the outside of the ring.

Axiom endeavors to execute a moonsault off the turnbuckles to the floor; however, his landing seems to have resulted in a knee injury. As Axiom reenters the ring, Ali seizes the moment, delivering a knee strike. On the outside of the ring, Ali follows up with a swinging neck breaker. Ali guides Axiom back into the ring and ascends the turnbuckles. Regrettably, Ali’s attempt at a 450 splash misses its mark, leading to a roll-through by Ali. Axiom capitalizes with a satellite DDT, garnering a close near fall.

Axiom seeks to apply a cross arm breaker, but Ali intertwines his hands to escape. Ali then transitions into a Sharpshooter and subsequently a crossface submission hold. Despite Axiom’s counterattacks, including chops and a springboard backflip into a DDT, he only secures a near fall. Axiom takes to the apron, striking Ali with a forearm. He then positions himself on the turnbuckles, fending off Ali’s punches. However, Ali resorts to ripping Axiom’s mask and shoves him off the turnbuckles to the ringside floor.

Following this sequence, Ali sends Axiom back into the ring and proceeds to climb the turnbuckles again, successfully connecting with a 450 splash for the decisive three-count.

Mustafa Ali is declared the victor.

Post-match, Ali asserts his position, claiming to be the next contender in line. He acknowledges the mutual desire for the title match and announces the initiation of his campaign to become the new North American Champion.

The scene transitions to the backstage area, where numerous individuals are down and incapacitated. Joe Gacy informs the Creed that they won’t escape pursuit, even if it requires turning NXT upside down. The onslaughts persist.

Subsequently, footage is presented showing Kelani Jordan issuing a challenge to Blair Davenport.

Kelani Jordan (with Dana Brooke) vs Blair Davenport

The contest commences with a lock-up between Blair and Jordan, culminating in Blair booting Jordan out to the ringside area. Jordan responds with a forearm strike, prompting Blair to execute a wrist lock. Jordan promptly counters, leading to a near fall. An attempted kick by Blair misses its target, allowing Jordan to employ a Tiger Feint rollup for a close near fall. A swift move sees Jordan transforming a potential hip toss into a backslide pin attempt, securing yet another near fall.

Blair propels Jordan headfirst into the turnbuckles, following it up by hurling Jordan into the ropes. This maneuver earns Blair a near fall, leading her to apply a rear chin lock. Jordan retaliates with punches and a couple of flying forearms, displaying her fighting spirit. A back elbow maneuver earns Jordan another close near fall. Jordan endeavors to execute a Playmaker, but Blair manages to evade. An attempted suplex by Blair is thwarted as Jordan nimbly lands on her feet. Blair’s splash misses its mark, prompting her to send Jordan to the apron.

Blair effectively kicks Jordan, leaving her ensnared in the ropes. Seizing the opportunity, Blair employs a double stomp to Jordan’s back from the ropes. Subsequently, Blair executes a Bea Trigger, securing the pinfall victory.

Blair Davenport emerges as the winner.

Post-match, Blair continues her assault on Jordan. However, Dana intervenes and thwarts Blair’s aggression, brandishing a belt.

The scene transitions to an interview with Von Wagner conducted by McKenzie. When asked about Bron’s comments, Robert responds with an expression of resilience—indicating that derogatory words hold little power. Von Wagner chimes in, asserting that he’s faced criticism throughout his life, and while it cuts deep, he’s prepared to address it. He deems Bron a bully who must be confronted. Von concludes by hinting at a “special reservation” for Bron, indicating that a table may come into play in their impending showdown.

Noam Dar (with Lash Legend, Jakara Jackson, and Oro Mensah) vs Tyler Bate in a Heritage Cup Hyptothetical Title Match

First Round:

The match begins with a lock-up between Dar and Bate. Dar swiftly evades a potential headlock, executing a side headlock takedown. Bate responds with a skillful head scissors maneuver. Dar manages to escape and transitions into a step-over toe hold. He then focuses his attention on Dar’s arm and shoulder. Bate counters with a well-executed dropkick, showcasing his agility. Bate subsequently applies a wrist lock takedown, while Dar targets Bate’s leg in return.

Dar employs a front face lock and another takedown. Unfortunately, both competitors inadvertently collide heads, but Dar quickly capitalizes with a leg kick. He reverts to a wrist lock, which prompts Bate to counter with a wrist lock takedown. The first round concludes with both wrestlers simultaneously landing clotheslines, leaving them in a stalemate.

Second Round:

Dar initiates the second round with a waist lock, but Bate effectively sends him to the floor. Mensah, seemingly associated with Dar, interferes by positioning himself on the apron. Bate takes advantage of the situation, executing a rebound clothesline that knocks Dar off the apron. Bate then follows up with a plancha, showcasing his high-flying abilities. The action returns to the ring, and Bate successfully executes his signature move, the Tyler Driver 97, securing a three-count pinfall.

Tyler Bate: 1 Fall Noam Dar: 0 Falls

Round Three:

The third round commences with Bate applying a waist lock, but Dar counters by backing Bate into the corner. Dar misses a clothesline, allowing Bate to land a punch. Bate follows up with a head kick and a headbutt to Dar’s midsection. He executes a snap mare and proceeds to work on Dar’s neck, securing a near fall in the process. Dar retaliates with a kick to Bate’s knee, pushing him to the apron. Despite Bate’s forearm strike, Dar’s knee-focused offense continues, culminating in a dropkick that knocks Bate off the apron. During a moment when Dar distracts the referee, DuJour attacks Bate.

The action returns to the ring, and Dar secures a near fall. Dar maintains control with kicks and a reverse chin lock. Bate rallies back with a belly-to-back suplex and attempts to climb the turnbuckles, but Dar intercepts him. Bate maneuvers over Dar, but his knee gives out. The round ends with both wrestlers exchanging clotheslines and punches.

Round Four:

The fourth round begins with a flurry of forearms and kicks exchanged between Dar and Bate. Bate counters with a knee lift and a back elbow from the turnbuckles. Bate executes an airplane spin, slamming Dar to the mat for a near fall. Dar surprises Bate by getting his knees up to counter a shooting star press, earning himself a close near fall. Dar follows up with a back elbow for another near fall. He then applies a knee bar, and although Bate nearly escapes, Dar persists. Bate eventually taps out, giving Dar the victory in this round.

Noam Dar: 1 Fall Tyler Bate: 1 Fall

Round Five:

Dar initiates the final round with a kick to Bate’s leg. He proceeds to deliver a series of kicks, forearms, and elbows in the ropes. Bate evades a leg sweep and responds with punches. Dar becomes ensnared in the ropes after missing a kick, and Bate executes a German suplex that causes Dar to land face-first on the mat. Bate follows up with a back fist, but Dar counters Bate’s rebound clothesline attempt with a knee bar submission hold.

Bate rallies back with another German suplex, knocking Mensah off the apron. Dar attempts a punch, but Bate manages an inside cradle for a near fall. Bate avoids a back fist and hits a rebound clothesline. Despite Dar’s rollup attempt for a near fall, Bate secures the three count.

Winner: Tyler Bate

The scene shifts to Hank and Tank in the backstage area, discussing their in-ring style with a preference for Smash Mouth.

The Schism confronts Hank and Tank, seeking information about The Creeds’ whereabouts. However, Hank and Tank provide no satisfactory response, leading to an altercation where they are swarmed.

McKenzie interviews Ilja Dragunov, who addresses Trick Williams. Ilja declares his intention to meet Trick in the ring and warns him of the impending pain that awaits him.

The action resumes, and Carmelo Hayes is seen pacing anxiously in the backstage area. Dijak approaches Hayes and reassures him not to be concerned about Trick Williams’ fate. He questions whether Hayes observed his actions.

In the midst of their conversation, Wes Lee arrives, aiming to engage Hayes in a discussion. Dijak dismisses Wes’ relevance by mentioning that he isn’t part of any title picture.

Wes challenges Dijak’s assertion, asking if Dijak really wants to go down that road. Dijak responds defiantly, claiming he can go wherever he pleases. As Dijak leaves, it becomes evident that his departure is a calculated distraction, paving the way for an ambush on Wes.

Ilja Dragunov addresses Trick Williams, expressing that it’s time for Trick to face the consequences of his actions. Trick Williams proceeds to make his way to the ring.

Trick acknowledges that Ilja is showing no signs of backing down, affirming that he’s not backing down either. Trick indicates his desire to address Ilja before proceeding further. Ilja questions Trick’s seriousness.

Ilja asserts that Trick has no right to make any demands after what he did at the Bash event. He reminds Trick that due to his actions, Ilja lost the right to challenge for the championship. Ilja also warns Trick about the consequences of taking another step closer, referencing their previous encounter in the ring.

Trick emphasizes that he called out Ilja and showcased his abilities, giving him credit for his performance. Trick proposes an offer to Ilja. He acknowledges that he wants retribution, acknowledging that Trick is the reason he’s not the champion. Trick clarifies the sequence of events at the Bash, stating that he didn’t strike Ilja with the title; it was Ilja who ran into the title. Trick offers Ilja a chance to unleash the Mad Dragon within himself in a match. He wants to eliminate any doubts about his capabilities, asserting that he’s not merely a sidekick but a formidable contender. Trick aims to prove himself against one of the best.

Ilja questions if Trick truly understands what he’s seeking. He describes how his anger manifests, causing his eyes to burn red. He speaks of the consuming wrath that drives him. Ilja recounts his struggles in fulfilling his destiny, often hindered by external factors. He vows that this time, nothing will hold him back. He promises to dismantle every obstacle in his path. Ilja’s fiery determination is evident as he swears to break Trick.

Trick responds by challenging Ilja to bring his best. He acknowledges he knows who Ilja is and that he has defeated every opponent except for Ilja. Trick confirms that at Heatwave in two weeks’ time, he’s ready to prove himself.

Ilja acknowledges Trick’s peculiar form of respect and agrees to meet him at Heatwave, where Trick’s career will meet its end according to Ilja’s proclamation.

McKenzie approaches Charlie and Drew, informing them that their scheduled match against Hank and Tank is canceled as the latter team isn’t cleared to wrestle. Charlie and Drew respond by asserting that Hank and Tank are soft, similar to the rest of the locker room, leading to a flurry of excuses being offered.

Damon Kemp interjects, declaring himself as someone tough and capable. Drew retorts, claiming there’s only one of him.

Josh and Brooks then make their entrance, stating that they are not soft. Drew confidently affirms that they have finally found what they were searching for.

Amidst this exchange, Bron Breakker enters the backstage area.

Kelly Kincaid approaches Bron, referencing Von Wagner’s earlier comments. Kelly relays Von’s intention to put Bron through a table. Bron responds with a chuckle, expressing his disbelief and dismissing Von’s words.

The scene transitions to a commercial break.

As the show returns, Rey Mysterio converses with Roxanne, expressing his admiration for her victory at the Great American Bash. They both share the sentiment that championship gold is the next target for them.

Rey then encounters Thea Hail, who appears quite nervous. Rey stops her to have a conversation.

Rey empathizes with Thea, sharing his experience of being the ultimate underdog in his wrestling journey. He recognizes her struggles but also acknowledges the determination and heart she exhibits every time she steps into the ring. Rey offers words of encouragement, assuring Thea that she has what it takes to become a champion, urging her to believe in herself.

Curiously, Thea inquires if Rey still loves Dom, despite their current issues.

Rey responds by stating that he might not appreciate who his son has become due to certain unfortunate decisions he’s made. Nevertheless, he emphasizes that Dom is still his son, and he will always love him. Rey expresses his hope that Dom eventually comprehends the significance of their true family bonds.

Andre and Duke then arrive on the scene, reminding Thea that she’s talking to Rey Mysterio.

Thea, however, counters by asserting that Rey wouldn’t have thrown in the towel, referencing an incident from the past.

Bron Breakker vs Von Wagner (with Robert Stone)

Bron initiates the match with a knee to Von’s midsection, followed by driving shoulders into the corner. Von responds with his own series of shoulders. He delivers forearms, but Bron counters with an Irish whip and follows it up with a powerful shoulder tackle. Von escapes a suplex attempt and retaliates with shoulder tackles of his own. Von executes a butterfly suplex, causing Bron to roll to the outside. Von attempts to dismantle the announce table but is stopped as Bron drives him into the apron. Von manages to land punches while on the apron. Both competitors exchange forearms, and Bron executes a running clothesline, followed by a running hip thrust in the corner for a near fall.

Von delivers punches, but his attempt at a boot is caught in the ropes by Bron. Bron exploits this opportunity by kicking Von’s hamstring and executing a German suplex, followed by another suplex. Bron nearly secures victory with a near fall after a moonsault.

Both competitors exchange punches and clotheslines, resulting in both going down. Von rebounds with punches and a short-arm clothesline. Von traps Bron’s arms and utilizes headbutts and punches. He follows up with a corner splash and a running boot to the head. Von attempts to hoist Bron onto his shoulders, but Bron escapes and spears Von, earning the three-count victory.

Winner: Bron Breakker

Post-match, Bron grabs Stone, an announcer, and lifts him overhead. Von makes the save for Stone, kicking Bron out of the ring. Von then power bombs Bron through a table, sending candy flying in the process.

The scene transitions to the woods with Eddy Thorpe. Eddy reflects on finding solace in nature and fighting for his people’s wellbeing. He expresses his frustration over Dijak’s actions and his determination to overcome the setback. Eddy emphasizes the need to move forward without fear to triumph over Dijak.

In the locker room, Dom and Rhea have a conversation. Rhea advises Dom not to let the presence of Rey Mysterio distract him.

Rhea encounters Lyra Valkyria, who mentions following Rhea’s instructions. Lyra accuses Rhea of manipulation and using people, suggesting that Rhea’s assistance is intended to help Dom retain the title. Rhea rebukes this, asserting that Dom doesn’t need her help.

Lyra challenges Rhea to practice what she preaches and implies that “Mami” might need to intervene again.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen (with Fallon Henley) vs Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak

The match kicks off with Drew and Brooks locking up. Brooks initially backs Drew into the corner, but Drew gains the upper hand and delivers chops to Brooks. Brooks responds with chops and clotheslines, displaying his aggression. Drew counters an Irish whip and charges, but Brooks manages to evade. However, Brooks misses an elbow drop after performing a slam. Drew strikes back with a punch and locks in a side headlock. Charlie tags in and delivers kicks to Brooks. Charlie executes a hip lock takedown and follows up with a shoulder tackle and hip toss. As Drew calls for water from Myles, he instructs Myles to leave since he doesn’t have water at the moment. Charlie continues the offense with a shoulder tackle and a hip toss. Brooks kicks Charlie away, and Josh tags in, getting a near fall on Charlie. Brooks tags in and performs a double hip toss with Josh on Drew.

Josh enters the match and utilizes kicks on Drew. Drew counters with a side headlock, but Josh lifts Drew onto his shoulders and sends him face-first into the mat. Brooks and Josh execute a sliding double punch on Drew while Charlie distracts the referee. Charlie tags in and targets Josh’s arm, kicking it. Drew responds with a running forearm to the injured arm. Charlie then enters and kicks Josh in the ribs before executing a side Russian leg sweep. Charlie transitions into a double wrist lock and a cross arm breaker. Josh manages to roll over for a near fall, but Charlie holds on. Josh showcases his strength with a one-arm powerbomb, allowing Brooks to tag in. Brooks takes control against both Drew and Charlie, performing a slam on Drew.

Brooks follows up with a power slam on Charlie, nearly securing the victory. As Drew and Josh brawl on the outside, Brooks and Charlie continue to fight outside the ring. Damon Kemp intervenes with a suplex on the floor. Back in the ring, Dempsey executes a Dragon Suplex, leading to the three-count pinfall.

Winners: Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak

In the backstage area, Kelani Jordan is questioned by Dana about her recent match. Dana expresses that Kelani appeared too nervous and lacked the killer instinct needed. Dana mentions that people are mocking and ridiculing Kelani, advising her not to let it happen. Kelani responds by acknowledging that she’s relatively new to wrestling and is still searching for that killer instinct.

Dana decides to show Kelani what a killer instinct looks like by facing Blair in the ring.

Kiana speaks out, stating that Gigi failed to reveal her wild past, but Ivy will be the first to experience a different side of Kiana James.

 Ivy Nile vs Kiana James

As the match begins, Kiana launches a sudden attack on Ivy as the bell rings. She forcefully propels Ivy into the turnbuckles, displaying her aggression right from the start. However, Ivy manages to counter by sending Kiana onto the apron. Seizing the opportunity, Kiana pulls Ivy to the outside of the ring. Ivy tries to lift Kiana onto her shoulders, but Kiana escapes the predicament and directs Ivy into the ring post. With her momentum building, Kiana executes a suplex on the unforgiving floor.

Kiana continues her assault on Ivy, dropping her onto the top rope. Kiana follows up with a kick to Ivy’s back and nearly secures a pinfall. She applies an arm bar, targeting Ivy’s arm. Kiana takes advantage of the ropes, wrapping Ivy’s arm in them and then transitions to a top wrist lock. She converts it into a hammerlock and sends Ivy shoulder-first into the turnbuckles. Ivy manages to reverse Kiana’s move during her second attempt, sending Kiana into the turnbuckles and gaining a near fall.

As Kiana maintains control with an arm bar, The Schism members start approaching ringside. The situation intensifies, leading to a Schism Blizzard surrounding the ring.

Kiana executes a maneuver that slams Ivy’s arm into the mat, earning a close near fall. Kiana remains focused on Ivy’s arm, applying an arm bar and emphasizing it with rhythmic pounding on the mat. Ivy retaliates with a back elbow, a kick to the leg, and a series of flying shoulder tackles. Ivy showcases her agility with a head scissors and follows it up with a running thrust kick into the corner. Kiana counters with a kick and a spinebuster, coming close to victory. She applies a Fujiwara arm bar, attempting to wear down Ivy. Ivy responds with a rollup for a near fall and then executes a power slam for another near fall. Ivy goes for a Dragon Sleeper, but her attention is diverted by Ava, leading to her releasing the hold. Kiana capitalizes on the distraction, sending Ivy to the mat and hitting the 401k maneuver for the three-count victory.

Winner: Kiana James

Post-match, The Schism members restrain Ivy, inquiring about the whereabouts of The Creeds. Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo make their way to the ring, prompting The Schism to retreat.

The scene shifts to Angel receiving text messages from Humberto, where they discuss their grandfather and apologize for past actions.

In another scene, Angel receives text messages from Humberto, who expresses his remorse for his actions. The two siblings discuss their shared grandfather and how he played a pivotal role in introducing them to the world of wrestling. Angel emphasizes the importance of honoring their grandfather’s legacy. As they both look at a photo of their grandfather, a realization dawns upon them.

Meanwhile, Tyler Bate is seen polishing a fake trophy, and the members of Meta Four, Lash, and other individuals approach him. They request Tyler to return the trophy to Noam. Lash jokingly mentions that the trophy serves as Noam’s “emotional support” item.

Nathan Frazer enters the scene with the real Heritage Cup. He proposes a solution, suggesting that Tyler might give back the fake trophy if Noam acknowledges its authenticity.

Nathan offers Noam a title match for the Heritage Cup at Heatwave, on the condition that Noam admits the fake trophy isn’t real. Noam, however, remains steadfast and unapologetic.

Tyler hands the fake trophy over to Noam, while Nathan asserts that the upcoming match will reveal who the true champion is. The scene shifts to Dragon Lee walking backstage alongside Rey Mysterio.

Subsequently, Dom and Rhea are shown in the backstage area, preparing to make their entrance to the ring.

The show goes to a commercial break.

Dominik Mysterio (with Rhea Ripley) vs Dragon Lee (with Rey Mysterio) for the North American Championship

The match begins with a lock-up between Dragon Lee and Dom. Lee gains the upper hand by maneuvering Dom into the ropes, and he offers a clean break. When they lock up again, Dom opts for a chop instead of a clean break, then follows up by running into the ropes. Dom delivers a kick and secures a side headlock. Lee counters with a head scissors takedown, displaying his agility, and transitions into a kick in the corner, followed by a leg sweep and a slingshot boot to Dom’s head. Lee’s swift movements are on full display as he effectively executes these maneuvers.

Lee kicks Dom, sending him out of the ring. Dom confronts Rey Mysterio, and Rhea Ripley arrives on the scene. However, Lee doesn’t waste any time and delivers a dropkick through the ropes, catching Dom off guard from behind Rhea.

Dragon Lee attempts to gain control by Irish whipping Dom, but Dom cleverly slides to the floor to avoid the maneuver. Lee follows, but Dom manages to reenter the ring before Lee and capitalizes by stomping on Lee’s back. Dom continues his assault with a series of boots to Lee’s chest. He follows up with a punch in the corner and a knee strike, further asserting his dominance. Dom executes a forceful Irish whip, showcasing his aggressive approach. Dropping Lee onto the top rope, Dom nearly secures a pinfall.

Dom transitions into a reverse chin lock, attempting to wear down Lee. Lee counters with elbow strikes, but Dom responds with a forearm. Lee whips Dom to the ropes, but Dom evades by going to the apron to avoid a splash. Dom then sends Lee into the turnbuckles and executes a slingshot senton for a close near fall. Dom adds intensity to the match by tearing off a portion of Lee’s mask and throwing it at Rey Mysterio, who is at ringside. Dom follows up with a dropkick, aiming to secure another near fall. He continues the attack with a forearm and executes the Three Amigos suplexes, earning another near fall.

Dom persists in his assault, delivering a forearm to the back of Lee’s head. Despite the referee’s warning, Dom maintains his aggression by punching Lee. Dom even attempts to untie Lee’s mask, showing his willingness to exploit every advantage available to him.

The match commences with a lock-up, during which Dragon Lee backs Dominik (Dom) into the ropes and then grants a clean break. A subsequent lock-up sees Dom opt for a chop instead of a clean break, followed by a run into the ropes. Dom manages to land a kick and establish a side headlock. However, Lee counteracts with a head scissors takedown, followed by a corner kick, a leg sweep, and a slingshot boot to Dom’s head. Lee’s offensive barrage continues as he kicks Dom to the outside. As Dom confronts Rey Mysterio, Rhea Ripley intervenes, only for Lee to surprise her with a dropkick from behind.

Lee ushers Dom back into the ring, and Dom pleads for mercy before Lee lands a series of punches. Dom’s attempt at a dropkick goes awry when Lee holds onto the ropes, and Lee answers with a dropkick of his own. Lee proceeds to stretch Dom out, utilizing his technical prowess.

Despite Dom sliding to the floor to evade an Irish whip, Lee pursues him and manages to enter the ring before Dom. Dom retaliates with stomps to Lee’s back and a series of boots to the chest. Following a punch in the corner and a knee strike, Dom inflicts a harsh Irish whip and drops Lee onto the top rope for a near fall. A reverse chin lock allows Dom to control the pace, yet Lee fights back with elbows. An Irish whip attempt results in Dom landing on the apron to avoid a splash. Dom then sends Lee into the turnbuckles and follows up with a slingshot senton for another near fall. Further escalating the aggression, Dom rips a portion of Lee’s mask and tosses it toward Rey.

After executing a dropkick, Dom sets up for the Three Amigos suplex sequence and secures a near fall. Despite Dom’s attempts to untie Lee’s mask, Lee perseveres, connecting with forearms and a back elbow. Dom eventually misses a forearm and is met with a kick, allowing Lee to go for a dragon screw and a clothesline that sends Dom over the top rope. Lee launches into a suicide dive toward the announce table. Following this, Lee delivers a running knee to Dom’s head, narrowly missing a pinfall.

In a back-and-forth exchange, Lee tries to get Dom on his shoulders, but Dom counters with elbows. Lee ultimately sends Dom to the apron, where he misses a forearm, allowing Lee to retaliate with a kick and a climb to the top rope. Dom, however, thwarts Lee’s plan with a crotch shot.

Later on, Lee drops Dom onto the turnbuckles into the tree of woe position, delivering a double stomp for a close near fall. A subsequent attempt at a power bomb is thwarted by Dom. Dom responds with a neck breaker and gets a near fall. The contest sees a series of exchanges between the two, culminating in a 619 from Dom, followed by an unsuccessful frog splash attempt.

Lee rallies back with a sit-out power bomb, nearly securing the victory. The match takes an unexpected turn when Rhea hands Dom his title belt, leading to Rey taking it from Dom. Rhea hits Lee with the belt, allowing Dom to capitalize with a Michinoku Driver for the three-count.

As the match concludes, Rey addresses his son, prompting Rhea to interject. A confrontation ensues between Rhea and Rey, escalating into a physical altercation as Lyra Valkyria makes her entrance. Lee and Lyra then launch an attack, with Lee hitting Dom with a superkick and Lyra delivering a spinning heel kick to Rhea.

The show concludes with the final scenes and credits.

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