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Tonight’s SmackDown is set to feature LA Knight taking on Sheamus in a preview of the upcoming SummerSlam Battle Royal.

WWE has also promoted various segments for tonight’s show:


Jey Uso making an apperance to promote his SummerSlam main event with Roman Reigns

Paul Heyman presenting “The history of Tribal Combat” along with Solo Sikoa

Asuka, Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair all appearing before their triple threat women’s championship SummerSlam match.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.

SmackDown begins with LA Knight making his entrance to a monster pop as we all expect as Michael Cole references the immense crowd support LA Knight has rightfully been receiving.

LA Knight enters the ring and grabs a mic as the crowd chants his name. Knight references the SummerSlam battle royal, he calls the current field a group of stooges . LA Knight calls Sheamus a pasty goof, who’s done it all and tonight there will be one more thing to add to his resume, getting beat by LA Knight (Yeah!)

LA Knight vs Sheamus

Our opening match begins with Sheamus hitting a knee strike to huge boos from the crowd. Sheamus plays to the crowd’s booing and hits a shoulder tackle. The two lock up and Sheamus hits another shoulder tackle before LA Knight pops up and hits a back elbow strike to a huge pop. LA Knight ducks under a lariat and LA Knight hits a running cross body to send both wrestlers over the top rope. Various wrestlers in the upcoming battle royal make their way out to the ring as Sheamus gets back in the ring and goes for the 10 beats of the Bodhran but LA Knight breaks free and gets Sheamus on the apron. Sheamus grabs LA Knight and hits the white noise on the ring apron, the hardest part of the ring.

*Commercial break*

Our opening match continues live with Sheamus having LA Knight in a chin lock on the mat. LA Knight gets to his feet and breaks free of the hold. Sheamus goes for a slam but LA Knight counters with an inverted DDT. Sheamus and LA Knight trade punches before LA Knight hits a big power slam. LA Knight hits his signature elbow drop and picks Sheamus up and plants him with a face-buster, Knight covers for a two count. Knight goes for the BFT but Sheamus counters with a roll up for two. Sheamus puts LA Knight on his shoulders and climbs up top and Sheamus hits a white noise from the middle rope, Sheamus covers but LA Knight kicks out at two. Sheamus locks LA Knight into the Texas cloverleaf but LA Knight is able to crawl to the bottom rope to force the break. Sheamus climbs to the top rope but LA Knight leaps to the top rope to meet him but cannot stick the landing, LA Knight climbs back up but Sheamus and LA Knight both slip and fall to the outside. As you’d expect a brawl breaks out between all the wrestlers at ringside. The Miz hits a big boot and taunts the crowd before Sheamus grabs him and hits Miz with 10 beats of the Bodhran, off this distraction LA Knight gets a roll up for two. Sheamus gets up and hits The Miz with a Brogue kick, following this LA Knight hits the BFT and covers for three.

Winner: LA Knight

*commercial break*

Back live with The Brawling Brutes and The OC in a screaming match backstage, Adam Pearce gets in between them and demands they go to the ring if they want to fight, Gallows and Anderson as well as Butch and Ridge Holland all leave the area as a tag team match appears to be scheduled.

We get a video package hyping up the SummerSlam match between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes and after that Butch and Ridge Holland make their entrance for the upcoming tag team match.

*Commercial break*

Butch & Ridge Holland vs Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

The match begins with Holland hitting Gallows with various strikes. Gallows hits a shoulder tackle and Holland goes to lift Gallows up but Gallows stays on his feet and hits a running splash in the corner and Anderson tags in. Holland hits a double underhook slam and Butch tags in the match. Butch grabs Anderson’s arm and snaps his fingers before stomping on Anderson’s elbow on the mat. Butch locks in an armbar but Anderson crawls to the corner to tag in Gallows who gets in the ring and plants Butch with a power bomb.

*Commercial break*

The match continues live with Anderson having Holland in a side head lock down on the mat. Holland is able to get to his feet but Anderson sends him back down with a kick to the legs. Anderson taunts Holland while kicking him in the face, Holland gets to his feet and hits a big lariat before tagging Butch in. Butch hits a larait and goes for a cover but Gallows runs in to break it up which causes Holland to enter the ring and hits a back drop to Gallows. Butch hits Anderson with an enziguri but the match is stopped by The Street Profits dressed in full suits running in the ring and taking out everyone including Angelo Dawkins hitting a huge powerbomb to Gallows. Butch runs in and Dawkins hits a shoulder tackle launching Butch into Ford’s arms where Ford hits a back suplex, this spot looked incredible and the crowd loudly cheers this new look Street Profits.

The Street Profits are met at the top of the ramp by Bobby Lashley who comes out to support Dawkins and Ford, the three pose at the top of the ramp as the crowd chants Lashley’s name.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns with Paul Heyman in the ring. Heyman says that this is not what Roman Reigns wanted. Heyman says if you want to place blame to what happened to Jimmy Uso, everyone can blame Jey Uso. Heyman says that the former right hand man has pushed Roman Reigns to this and that what happens to Jey tomorrow will be the fault of Reigns. Heyman says Reigns will have no remorse and no regret as Reigns is entering a match called Tribal Combat.

Heyman shows a video package that runs down the historical significance of tribal combat to the Isle of Samoa. The video features Rikishi and Afa discussing the significance of the Ula Fala worn by Samoan warriors.

We go back to Heyman who says that Jey Uso will never be the Tribal Chief and that the only spoiler he will give for tomorrow night… this point Heyman is interrupted by Jey Uso making his way down to the ring as Heyman looks distraught.

Jey says that tomorrow night tribal combat is happening but what Heyman forgot to mention that Jey is bringing passion, the spirit of his ancestors, his family and that he will beat Regins and become new Tribal Chief. Following this Solo Sikoa’s music hits and Sikoa then makes his way out to the ring.

Heyman holds Sikoa back, Jey says Sikoa will always be his brother and he will always forgive him. Jey says Reigns is telling Sikoa the same things that he used to tell Jey. Heyman tries to dismiss what Jey is saying but is stopped when he sees the look on Sikoa’s face. Heyman tries to talk to Sikoa directly before Sikoa screams at Heyman to get out of the ring. Off this distraction Jey hits Sikoa with a super kick that knocks him out of the ring, Jey Uso then leaves the ring and heads to the back.

Austin Theory is interviewed backstage. Theory says that Santos Escobar injured his mentor, and that next week when he beats Escobar, he will dedicate his win to Rey Mysterio, but tonight he will crush Cameron Grimes’ dreams.

*Commercial break*

Austin Theory vs Cameron Grimes

The match begins with a lock up. Theory hits a power slam and taunts Santos Escobar who stands at the top of the ramp being restrained by WWE officials. Off this distraction Grimes hits the cave in and covers but Theory’s foot is on the ropes forcing the break. Theory rolls out of the ring and Grimes hits a tope suicida and then throws Theory into the barricade. Grimes throws Theory back in the ring and hits a flying cross body, Grimes covers for a two count. Grimes hits a big power slam and covers but Theory kicks out at two again. Theory goes for a cross body but is caught in mid air and hit with a big scoop slam. Grimes goes up top but Theory hits the ropes to knock Grimes down. Theory hits the A-Town down and covers for the three count.

Winner: Austin Theory

After the match Santos Escobar runs into the ring and hits Theory with the phantom driver.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns with the ring set up for The Grayson Waller Effect. Waller plugs the SummerSlam battle roayl (presented by Slim Jim) and welcoms his guests tonight; Bayley and Iyo Sky. As soon as the team gets in the ring Bayley correctly tells Waller that Ding Dong Hello is a superior show. Waller asks Sky if she is going to cash in her Money in the Bank, Bayley answers the question and says none of these idiots deserve to know the strategy.

Audio of Shotzi laughing is played and Bayley panics and goes to leave the ring. Waller laughs and makes it clear this was a planned thing. Bayley denies that she was ever afraid and then Shotzi’s music hits and the tank rolls out, as Iyo Sky runs out the ramp it’s apparent Shotzi is not on the tank, but Shotzi is in the ring standing behind Bayley. Bayley tries to apologize before going for a punch that Shotzi counters and knocks Bayley to the mat as Iyo Sky just stands at the top of the ramp oblivious I guess. Shotzi pulls out an electric shaver and chases Bayley out through the crowd, The person in the tank reveals herself as Iyo Sky’s opponent tonight, Zelina Vega.

*Commercial break*

Iyo Sky vs Zelina Vega

SmackDown returns with this match already underway. a double lariat spot leaves both wrestlers down on the mat. They both get to their feet and trade forearm strikes before Vega slams Sky head-first to the turnbuckle. Vega goes up top and hits a meteora, Vega then covers for a two count. Vega goes for a code red but Sky breaks free and hits a back breaker to Vega. Sky goes to the top rope but gets distracted by Shotzi and Bayley fighting on top of the ramp. Vega takes advantage and hits a power bomb and Vega follows with the code red that gets Vega the three count.

Winner: Zelina Vega

*Commercial break*

Jey Uso vs Solo Sikoa

Our main event begins with a lock up. Sikoa hits a shoulder tackle and follows with a headbutt. Sikoa tosses Jey out of the ring and Sikoa slams his head off the announce table before clearing off the table. Sikoa goes to slam Jey through the table but jey breaks free and hits a super kick. Jey slides back in the ring and hits Sikoa with a tope suicida.

*Commercial break*

Our main event continues live with Sikoa hitting a huge uppercut followed by a Samoan drop. Sikoa goes for the Umaga splash in the corner but Jey gets out of the way. Jey hits a kick to the mid section but his momentum is halted by a big lariat from Sikoa. Jey goes to the top rope and hits a flying cross body. Jey goes for a corner splash but Sikoa counters with a spinning heel kick. Sikoa goes for a Samoan Spike but Jey uso ducks and hits a super kick. Sikoa hits a super kick of his own but Jey bounces back and hits a spear. Jey goes up top and hits an Uso splash, Jey then covers for three.

Winner: Jey Uso

After the bell Sikoa gets up and hits Jey from behind. Sikoa throws Jey out of the ring and grabs a chair. Jey super kicks the chair into Sikoa’s face before grabbing the chair and hitting Sikoa multiple times with it. Jey knocks Sikoa over the barricade and Jey Uso stands tall on the announce table as SmackDown goes off the air.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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