LA Knight has been receiving strong support from WWE fans, who believe he deserves a significant push based on his performances on WWE television, both on the microphone and in the ring.

Rumors suggest that Knight’s push will begin after the August 5th SummerSlam PLE. However, he is known to have faced challenges with backstage politics and has sometimes rubbed people the wrong way.

In a list of the top WWE merchandise sellers for July via Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics, LA Knight leads the way, with Cody Rhodes and The Bloodline following closely behind. Knight’s merchandise, including t-shirts, has been particularly popular, with two of his shirts ranking among the best-selling items.

LA Knight’s top-selling merchandise includes the Men’s Black LA Knight YEAH! T-Shirt and the Men’s Fanatics Branded Black LA Knight Logo T-Shirt. Additionally, his name appears on three of the top six best-selling shirts.

  1. LA Knight (Items in top 10 daily: 74) [reverse rank value: 6219]
  2. Cody Rhodes (19) [4155]
  3. The Usos (38) [3807]
  4. Roman Reigns (16) [3280]
  5. Stone Cold Steve Austin (13) [2485]
  6. nWo (20) [2377]
  7. SummerSlam (26) [2367]
  8. Rhea Ripley (23) [2003]
  9. John Cena (5) [1771]
  10. Seth Freakin Rollins (3) [1229]

  1. Men’s Black LA Knight YEAH! T-Shirt (Days in top 10: 26) [reverse rank value: 1397]
  2. Men’s Fanatics Branded Black LA Knight Logo T-Shirt (20) [1293]
  3. Men’s Black Rhea Ripley She’s My Mami T-Shirt (17) [1220]
  4. Men’s Black Cody Rhodes Claim Your Kingdom T-Shirt (14) [1189]
  5. Men’s Black The Usos Down Since Always T-Shirt (14) [1165]
  6. Men’s Yellow LA Knight YEAH! T-Shirt (14) [1158]
  7. Men’s Black Roman Reigns The Only One T-Shirt (13) [1167]
  8. Men’s Red The Usos The Real Ones T-Shirt (13) [1098]
  9. Men’s Black Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16 T-Shirt (12) [1154]
  10. Men’s Black nWo Retro T-Shirt (10) [1121]

LA Knight is set to face Sheamus in a singles match on Friday’s episode of SmackDown, and they will also compete in a battle royal at SummerSlam. With the support from fans and strong merchandise sales, it seems that LA Knight’s star is on the rise in WWE.

Do you believe that LA Knight has the potential to become a top star in WWE based on his performances and fan support? Leave a comment.

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