Xavier Woods has set his sights on achieving singles glory in WWE. While his tag team partners, Big E and Kofi Kingston, have held the WWE Championship, Woods’ major singles accomplishment so far is winning the 2021 King of the Ring tournament. With the King of the Ring crown still on his head due to no tournament being held in 2022 or 2023, Woods has his eyes set on another prestigious title – the Intercontinental Championship.

In an interview with Josh Martinez on Superstar Crossover, Woods revealed his desire to hold the white leather Intercontinental Championship, a title with rich history and significance in WWE. He expressed his interest in telling a story through his singles journey, aiming to prove not only to others but to himself that he can succeed as a solo competitor. Woods believes that a run with the US Championship and the Intercontinental Championship would be important stepping stones on his path to eventually becoming a World Champion.

However, Woods emphasized that his pursuit of singles success does not mean breaking away from his tag team partners. He values the bond of friendship that The New Day represents, and their focus is on telling meaningful and positive stories in wrestling. Woods believes in the importance of maintaining strong friendships and connections, and he aims to showcase the power of friendship in their storytelling.

“Specifically, I want the white leather Intercontinental Championship. I like a story. Me and Seth Rollins are the only ones to beat Roman, you know, up until Jey had pinned him. We don’t talk about that, mind you, but that’s fine. In my head, I feel like in order to climb that mountain and become World Champion one day, I need a US Championship run, I need an Intercontinental Championship run. I need to not only prove to everybody but more importantly, prove to myself that I can stand on my own, I can do this as a solo guy.”


“That doesn’t mean that I need to break away from Kofi at all because what we do is we tell stories as a family thing. A lot of wrestling has stories of jealousy and backstabbery, ‘I want this leather and this metal. So I’m not friends with you anymore.’ Bro, friendship is the most important thing on this planet to me. That’s the only way that we survive. It’s how we have societies and communities and we grow as a human race, you know. So that’s our focus is telling those stories in wrestling. Hopefully, at some point, we have the chance to tell that story through your boy.”

Currently part of the WWE RAW roster, Xavier Woods has not competed in a match since May 15. As he awaits his in-ring return, he remains determined to achieve his singles goals and add more accolades to his already impressive wrestling career.

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