Gable Steveson drew a ton of attention to WWE when he inked a deal to work with them. He started training remotely with the company, while attending college and training to further his journey in amateur wrestling. This week on NXT, Steveson was there to make a big decision.

Gable Steveson showed up in NXT several weeks ago, as he helped Eddy Thorpe train for a RAW Underground match against Steveson’s own broker, Damon Kemp. This week on NXT, Gable Steveson put all the speculation to rest about what his next move is.

With the Olympics, another national championship run, and a WWE career as his options, Gable Steveson had a big decision to make. He showed up on WWE’s Tuesday night show in order to let everyone know which hat he will wear from this point on.

Fans chanted for Gable Steveson before he even had a chance to speak. He started off by thanking everyone in NXT, and then he introduced himself for anyone who didn’t know who he is.


Gable Steveson teased his options of going for another Olympic Gold Medal in Paris next year, or going back to college for a third national championship. Then Baron Corbin came out to encourage Steveson to go back to college or the Olympics. Corbin said he will make sure Gable fails if he goes to NXT.

Then Gable Steveson said that made his decision so much easier. Then Gable said that he will wrestle Baron Corbin at the Great American Bash in his first match. It looks like Gable Steveson is NXT.

Interestingly enough, Baron Corbin will wrestle an Olympic Gold Medalist in his first match with Steveson, and he also wrestled another Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle,in his final match.

What’s your take on Gable Steveson’s decision? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think about this situation.

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