Ahmed Johnson has not been shy about speaking his mind about WWE, even in his retirement years. Now, it seems that a new rejected angle has come to light that gave even more of a reason why he took off.

In a new interview with WrestlingNews.co, Ahmed Johnson opened up about his time in the wrestling industry. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion discussed the pivotal moment he was signed by WWE and the life-changing call he received from none other than Vince McMahon. He delved into his run in WWE and the unfortunate circumstances that derailed plans for him to potentially win the World Title.

During the very candid conversation, Ahmed Johnson also addressed the complexities of his relationships with fellow wrestlers, including Ron Simmons, the Nation of Domination, and his encounters with Shawn Michaels and The Kliq. He shed light on the factors that led to the end of his tenure in WWE and his subsequent move to WCW.

Additionally, Johnson shared insights into his time at WCW, revealing his disagreements with Booker T and a surprising encounter with Hulk Hogan. This in-depth interview provides a rare glimpse into the career and experiences of one of wrestling’s memorable figures.


“I think racism did play its part in it, but not from Vince, from Shawn Michaels and some of the other boys. I mean, like they did that thing with DX when Bret Hart and the Hart Foundation and the Nation of Domination was getting into it, and they wrote all that stuff on the wall, you know, that was pushing it for me and I couldn’t have done that, and the thing with the Truth Commission was, what they wanted to do, they wanted him to hang me from a rope. You know how lynching is a very sore subject with black people? They wanted to hang me from a rope. That just wouldn’t happen with me, brother.”

“I’ll do any other angle, but the rope? No. I didn’t want her (his dying sister) to be in her last minutes watching me get beat up. She was a big fan and then she passed like a day or two after that, after I left, so she would have had to see me get beat up and hung from a rope before she passed. That was not an image I was trying to put out, not for her, not for the black kids out there, to anybody. That is going too far.”

Ahmed Johnson was also around for the infamous Montreal Screwjob. He reflected on being around for that historic event as he said, “Just seeing Bret get screwed over like that man and, you know, he put 14 years in that company and I heard he never missed a day from wrestling. You got an employee that’s come to work 14 years, never missed a day, and you can’t let him go out with the belt. I didn’t like that man. That didn’t sit good with me.”

Ahmed Johnson gained attention in WWE during the mid-1990s. His powerful presence and athletic abilities earned him the WWE Intercontinental Championship in 1996, making him a standout talent in the company’s roster. Known for his explosive charisma, Johnson left a lasting impact on the wrestling world during his time in WWE.

Ahmed Johnson had quite a career in WWE, but it’s anyone’s guess how much more he could have accomplished. Things obviously didn’t work out for him in the long-term, but at least he has plenty of memories from his time in Vince McMahon’s company.

Would you ever take part in a lynching angle like the one WWE pitched for Ahmed Johnson? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

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