AEW star QT Marshall shared insights into various aspects of his career during an interview with SEScoops. He discussed the rising popularity of Harley Cameron, the creation of QTV segments, and the amusing story behind his feud with Pentagon.

Marshall revealed that Harley Cameron joined their group after impressing him with her talents and wrestling abilities. Her rap skills, showcased in a freestyle that took her only 15 minutes to create, caught Marshall’s attention.

Originally intended for social media, the rap gained traction and was eventually featured on television, with Cameron taking charge of creating the music video herself. Marshall mentioned the independent spirit and do-it-yourself mentality that aligns with AEW’s approach to content creation.

“We decided we needed a female in the group. She had done Dark for us once. I saw her do the Adam Cole song and thought this girl is pretty talented — and can wrestle. We haven’t seen it yet, but she can wrestle,” Marshall said. “That rap, it took her 15 minutes to rap. She went to catering and came back within 15 minutes and had everything down. It was just a freestyle. I thought it was really good. It’s something I pushed for her to do with The Acclaimed.


“We were just going to put it on social media. Then when other people saw it, they thought this has to be on TV. This is good. She did it herself. We laid the clips of us. But she had her producer. She did the whole music video herself. That’s how our company is with the Darby’s of the world. They go out and do stuff themselves, and it helped them get over. Whether they loved it or hated it, they are talking about it.”

The success of QTV segments was also emphasized by Marshall, noting that they consistently perform well in terms of ratings. He humorously speculated that fans might enjoy seeing him get beaten up, contributing to the segments’ popularity.

“I will say this as humbly as possible. QTV always does a good rating. Whether it’s a match or segment it always does well. I think people want to see me get beat up, which is good.”

The rising popularity of Harley Cameron, the success of QTV segments, and the amusing genesis of Marshall’s feud with Pentagon highlight AEW’s commitment to engaging storytelling and the creative contributions of its talented roster.

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