Ryback had a run in WWE, but he hasn’t stepped foot in AEW since the company started. That’s not to say that he doesn’t have his eye on facing two of AEW’s biggest stars at the same time.

The Big Guy is never one to hold his opinion. He also dragged Blue Kane after he was taken off Twitter. He also doesn’t turn down much of a challenge, but he’s keeping his battles outside the pro wrestling ring at this point.

If AEW says that he can’t wrestle anymore, It would be f*cking awesome to do a two-on-one against the Young Bucks in the ring and do their entrance, and do the old-school Ryback two-on-one, and do a different version of my two-on-one match and go out there for thirty f*cking minutes.

I would show people, and have it make sense and everything, and I would show people what 2023 Ryback. I think that all the time when I see them, because of everything that they’ve done, and everything that they know, and what I can do, we could have a f*cking awesome two-on-one match.


Ryback and the Young Bucks might have a decent match. It appears that match is not going to happen, because Tony Khan hasn’t booked it yet. Only time will tell if TK ever gets that desperate.

As we previously reported, Ryback has been trying to get meeting with Goldberg’s people. It appears that match only has momentum from The Big Guy’s side. Stay tuned with us here at Ringside News for more.

Who would win a Ryback vs Young Bucks handicap match? Sound off in the comments!

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