Ryback has a lot of opinions, but this one likely won’t be received very well within WWE. Then again, it doesn’t sound like he really cares about what they think at this point. His continued grudge against the company does not extend to their Superstars, but Ryback also blamed the company for their talent dying so young.

Ryback and WWE have gone to war for years over the usage of his name. It seems that he is preparing for a return to the squared circle, but WWE is not the landing pad for the Big Guy.

During a recent live steam, Ryback unloaded about WWE. He made it very clear that he has zero interest in going back to WWE, where he would be miserable. In the process, he also shoveled shade on the fact that some of their stars have died early in their lives.

“They’re not good people. The only reason that logo exist is because of the wrestlers. The wrestlers have eaten sh*t for so many years. Everyone agrees with me. None of them have the balls to come up and say it, because they have families, but it came to a point where I came up and said ‘these are not good people’ and I’m not doing this. I cannot stress to you, I’m not going back to that environment.”


“It’s a sad and lonely life, that’s why all the wrestlers there die young. I’d rather live happy and healthy, and I’d rather have that elsewhere. I’d rather be elsewhere, because I don’t trust them. I know how they operate. Even if I have it in writing, they find a way to hurt me.”

Ryback has friends who are still in WWE, like Dolph Ziggler. Interestingly enough, that friendship made the Show-Off target for Ryback’s stalker a while ago. Hopefully, Ryback’s grudge against WWE doesn’t get Ziggler in trouble with his employer.

We will have to see what Ryback says next to drum up attention. Speaking of that stalker situation, it is still an apparent problem, but Ryback’s stalker, Chase, won’t find the Big Guy in WWE.

Ryback doesn’t hold back when talking about WWE. Does he have a point, or is he just a bitter former Superstar? Sound off in the comments!

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