Kevin Nash has been through a lot in the pro wrestling world, and he has seen several things. He also knows when someone is recycling a gimmick, or at least trying to capture the same vibe.

During the most recent episode of the “Kliq This” podcast, Kevin Nash shared insights from his participation in the popular show “Table for 3” a few years back.

“There was a guy that put a message out. He said that the average edible is 2.5. You can’t find one below 10. I mean, I’ve never seen an edible below 10 milligrams. I used to eat f*cking 50 milligrams of chocolate like it was nothing. I remember one time I was coming back from WrestleMania when it was that huge, over 100,00 people in Dallas, and I was like, I really don’t want to carry this chocolate around because like Texas, it ain’t cool, so I’m like, I’ll just eat it.”

“There’s like a f*cking Dinner for Three or something with the Kliq. We had that like early, eight in the morning or something like that, and I was on a roll of just trying to eat all this chocolate. So if you ever see it all three of us are in shades for this because we are f*cking wasted.”


Kevin Nash was quite blunt about his belief that LA Knight is trying to rip-off The Rock. He used his angle with Logan Paul as an example of that.

“Am I the only one that sees like an absolute rip-off of The Rock to the point when he cut the promo on f*cking Logan Paul or whatever the f*ck his name is. The only thing he didn’t do is turn the motherf*cker sideways. Jesus Christ, does everybody have amnesia? There’s nothing original.”

Kevin Nash also opened up about the idea of working behind-the-scenes for WWE. At 64-years-old, he still has a lot to do outside pro wrestling.

“I don’t want to work. I’m 64 years old. I need to take my wife to finish seeing Germany. We need to get back to Italy. I’ve got to quit being a sh*t husband and take my wife to go see places that she wants to see. I would last two weeks and then I would get fired because I would go, ‘Ah, f*ck that. That’s bullsh*t.'” 

We will have to see what’s next for LA Knight in WWE. He could have a bright future ahead of him. If anything, we will have to see if his impression on the company is anywhere close to The Rock’s.

LA Knight has a ton of momentum, but what’s next for him? Sound off in the comments below to let us know what you’d do!

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