Money in the Bank will be a huge event on July 1st, and there are some big choices that need to be made. That being said, Triple H is still maintaining all appearances of authority, and he’s not second-guessing the company’s booking.

As Ringside News exclusively reported, WWE has 100% decided on the Money in the Bank winners at this time. Although Vince McMahon can always change things, that’s not likely to happen for those key matches at this point.

We previously reported that a backstage rumor is that “Triple H doesn’t want Logan Ppaul to win MITB. And there are few discussions of Logan Paul to feud with LA Knight.” This is actually not the case, because Triple H has not openly dragged the idea of Logan Paul winning the match, or any other finish.

A tenured source on the WWE creative team confirmed that Triple H has not said anything against the finish for Money in the Bank. Then we were asked a rhetorical question that wondered why Triple H would drag any finish to begin with.


“No matter the finish, Triple H has not openly said anything against the MITB finish. Why would he do that?”

Logan Paul has a lot of potential in WWE, and it’s easy to see why. His inclusion in the Money in the Bank match was certainly a game changer, and it could open the door for a lot of eyes on the company as well.

WWE Money in the Bank will be an exciting event in London’s O2 Arena. Fans will have to wait and see what the company has in store, but they have made their decision already, so there’s no room for debate.

Logan Paul could be a strong Mr. Money in the Bank. Do you want to see him with the briefcase? Sound off in the comments!

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