WWE legend The Undertaker had his final match at WrestleMania 36 in a cinematic “Boneyard match” against AJ Styles. The unique match format was chosen due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the event taking place without fans at the WWE Performance Center.

During his “Last Ride” series special on WWE Network, Undertaker hinted at retirement, and an official retirement ceremony was later held at WWE Survivor Series 2020. In an interview with Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Undertaker explained how he knew it was time to walk away from the ring.

While he still felt the desire to continue wrestling in his heart, Undertaker recognized that his physical condition no longer allowed him to perform at the level expected of The Undertaker. He expressed a reluctance to tarnish his legacy or cash in on the reputation he had built over the years. Undertaker revealed that he had an epiphany during the early hours of the shoot for his final match when he experienced intense physical pain and realized he couldn’t continue in the same way. He described it as a moment of clarity that led him to the decision to retire.

“In my heart, I wasn’t ready to do it but in my mind I knew I had to. It’s been a difficult transition because if I physically could, I would still be going. But I can’t put on a match the way people expect to see The Undertaker wrestle. There’s no sense in tarnishing the legacy, or cashing in on the equity that I built up,” he said.


Undertaker noted that he came to the realization that it was time to retire during the early hours of the shoot. “My back is completely locked up, I’ve got pain shooting down my legs. That’s when I knew I was done,” he said. “It was physical, we did some really big stunts, but I shouldn’t have felt the way that I did. It was just that moment of clarity.”

Although Undertaker has retired from active in-ring competition, he remains involved with WWE through his 1 deadMAN SHOW, which typically takes place during WWE premium live event weeks. The show allows fans to engage with Undertaker and celebrate his illustrious career in a special setting.

What are your thoughts on The Undertaker’s decision to retire from active in-ring competition? Do you believe it was the right time for him to walk away? Leave a comment below.

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