WWE tries very hard to present a program with continuity, and they’ve tried many times over the years to accomplish this. That doesn’t mean they will be successful.

When it comes to running a weekly television show like WWE RAW or SmackDown, one of the key challenges is ensuring continuity in the storylines. In some cases, this continuity can be upheld for extended periods, resulting in long-standing narratives like the enduring rivalry and partnership between Kane and The Undertaker, or the intense feud between Triple H and Randy Orton.

That being said, there are instances where continuity is swiftly disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances such as injuries or other incidents that occur during the live weekly broadcasts. WWE might not be too successful in achieving that goal of continuity all the time.

During a recent episode of his Something to Wrestle podcast, Bruce Prichard, who is currently the Executive Director of WWE, addressed whether WWE has ever designated someone to oversee continuity in their programming. Prichard acknowledged that WWE has made sincere efforts to maintain continuity throughout the years. However, he also acknowledged the unavoidable reality that dealing with human beings can sometimes lead to disruptions and inconsistencies that can throw everything off track.


“You know, we tried. I say yes and no. We tried, but sometimes between the reality of dealing with human beings and injuries and everything else that can happen, sometimes it just gets f*cked up.”

WWE fans certainly noticed a lack of stories making sense. Now, it seems that we know that the company has tried to do this in the past, but real-life just gets in the way.

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Felix Upton

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