Ryback’s stalker is an ongoing problem, and the Big Guy’s mother was recently the target of this situation. This is a serious situation for Ryback, and he has contracted the FBI already. That won’t stop Chase the stalker from heaving out some serious threats for Ryback’s own mother.

In case you need a refresher, this is not new issue. Ryback recently revealed that his is an issue he’s been dealing with for over a decade or so. The former IC Champions explained on Twitter that this crazed stalker tried to break into a backstage situation during a WWE event in Tampa several years ago.

Yep. Considering it’s a guy who has made multiple death threats since 2011 and snuck backstage in Tampa to one of our tv’s and had to be taken away by security. He is back and has multiple accounts on Twitter and is legitimately mentally sick. He has all the warning signs of someone that shouldn’t be trusted, so let’s see what happens here. @elonmusk @TwitterSupport @lindayacc you have denied multiple reports on this guy already from me and this needs to be taken seriously.

Ryback’s stalker, Chase, said, “Bro, nobody is interested in you. They want to take you off this planet, that’s the only reason they’re interested in you!” This rant on the live stream kept going as Chase explained that he has a legit problem with Ryback outside WWE.


Chase the stalker then shoveled on some serious insults at Ryback’s mother during that live stream. The whole time, Ryback let it roll off him like water off a duck’s back. He also seemed to enjoy the entertainment, although it wasn’t anything he asked for.

“Your mom is gonna get it, too. She lives in that apartment behind your house,” Chase threatened. He then threatened to take out Ryback’s dogs, too.

Ryback kept things cool while Chase went off, and he didn’t break at all. The whole time, chase went off on Ryback, but in the back of his mind he was probably thinking about the FBI collecting evidence. You can check out the whole video below to see how it all went down.

What’s your take on this stalker situation with Ryback? How would you respond if he said this about your mother? Sound off in the comments!

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