WWE has a lot of things going on within their roster, and a recent development for Hit Row wasn’t the best look. Now, it seems that we have confirmation that there is no issue with management or creative.

It was recently noted that WWE creative might have some heat with Hit Row. That doesn’t seem to be the case, but that doesn’t mean there is anything to do with them.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Top Dolla may have heat with WWE creative. After all, they are treating him very poorly right now.

Yeah, well, I mean the whole thing is that he is not very popular with some people, and when I watched the way they did that finish, it’s like ‘man, whatever you said, you’ve got some enemies on the creative team.’ Because this was the burial of all burials.


Ringside News reached out to confirm with a tenured member of the creative team to ask about any heat with Hit Row. We were told that there is no heat there at all. There simply isn’t anything for them to do at the moment.

“No enemies. It’s just obvious they’ve gone as far as they can go in this current presentation, isn’t it?”

Top Dolla botched an over-the-top-rope dive few months ago. That was followed by some razzing on commentary. Now that Hit Row is back, it seems that his treatment isn’t going to improve any time soon. Top Dolla also had a lot of heat on him from his first WWE run. He spouted off at the mouth, and that rubbed a lot of talent the wrong way.

We will have to see how things pan out for Hit Row on WWE television. For more updates, keep checking back with Ringside News.

What’s your take on Hit Row’s booking in WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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