WWE’s stock price is incredibly important to the people who have tons of money invested in the company. Their ongoing television rights talks are naturally going to pique shareholders’ interest in a big way. The wrong number could also drastically hurt their bottom line.

We previously reported that Disney, among others, have expressed interest in WWE programming. Interestingly enough, Warner Bros Discovery, AEW’s network, is also interested in WWE. It should be worth noting that CBS has expressed no desire to host WWE programming.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that WWE’s new television rights deals could actually hurt the company’s stock price. If their deal gets under $705 million, then things might see a significant decline where Wall Street is concerned.

If the new WWE rights fees for Raw and Smackdown in the U.S. g for under $705 million, it will hurt the stock price. If it goes for significantly above that, it will greatly enhance that value. In addition, they are looking at involving more main roster talent in angles on NXT in order to build those ratings and make it a higher profile show with higher ratings and thus get a significant rights increase on that one.


We will have to see how this situation turns out, because television rights talks can be very unpredictable. Obviously, WWE will land somewhere, but the big question is whether they will get a number that will satisfy their investors.

WWE television gets a lot of attention, and live programming is king for advertisers right now, especially when it comes to sports. Keep checking back with Ringside News as we continue monitoring this ongoing situation.

What’s your take on this situation with WWE’s television rights talks? Sound off in the comments!

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