Pro wrestling is full of stories from the past, and former Superstars love to talk about what could have been. It seems that one of those stories that recently made the rounds is all cap.

In case you need refresher, Stevie Richards claims that he was supposed to be in DX and Evolution. He was very clear about those plans as he spoke openly about WWE’s nixed direction for him, like nobody would fact-check him.

“It was a consideration right before I signed with the company. I had met with Vince and, by the way, absolutely totally unprepared for what sat across from me with Vince. There was no preparation. Like I said, I was very immature in a lot of ways, but I think Vince also knew that I was gonna try to work hard. You just don’t know sometimes with Vince when he wakes up in the morning.”

Ringside News reached out to confirm this story about Stevie Richards. We were told that there were no such plans to ever place him in DX or Evolution.


A tenured member of the WWE creative team, who knows this story well, squashed Stevie Richards’ story in brutal fashion. We were told that, Richards, “never made more than developmental money,” but somehow he is “claiming he was going to be in DX and Evolution?”

This story was further described by a veteran WWE producer as a “bullsh*t rumor.” Long story short, there were no plans to put Stevie Richards in DX or Evolution. In fact, the burial of Richards’ story didn’t end there.

“The people who drove the tour busses for members of Evolution made more than Stevie. Do you really think he was even considered? If he was ever told that, someone was really selling him a bunch of bull!”

Stevie Richards had a nice career in pro wrestling, and he is still enjoying the benefits of that fan base he was able to create. Sadly, it seems that he might be stretching the truth a little as he takes a walk down memory lane.

We will keep our close eye on this story, just in case Stevie Richards wants to clap back at our report. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more.

Did you believe Stevie Richards’ story about DX and Evolution? Sound off in the comments!

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