It has been over a year since Randy Orton last stepped into a wrestling ring, with his final appearance taking place in May 2022. In that match, he and Matt Riddle were defeated by The Usos, resulting in the loss of the RAW Tag Team Championships.

Since then, there has been no official announcement regarding Orton’s potential return to the ring. His father, Bob Orton Jr., has stated that his son’s physicians have advised against him competing again. However, as Ringside News exclusively reported, Orton does have timeframe for his return to WWE from his injury.

Orton has had a remarkable career in WWE, making his debut back in 2002 and rising to become one of the company’s most successful superstars. With a professional tenure spanning over 20 years, he has achieved numerous accolades and solidified his place in wrestling history.

Despite his current injury-induced absence, Orton expressed his desire to continue his career for a significant amount of time. Prior to his injury, he stated his intention to wrestle for another 10 years, aiming to continue performing until he reaches the age of 50.


During an appearance on the Ringer Wrestling Podcast, Orton elaborated on his future plans, sharing that he envisions retiring by the time he turns 50. However, he also expressed his passion for wrestling and his desire to continue as long as possible, emphasizing that he wants to have his final match on his own terms.

“I’m 41. By the time I’m 50, I think I’m done. But I’m not like, I’ll do auditions every once in a while, but I almost only do them because my wife says ‘oh do them, because what if you don’t?” Orton said. “And I would go out and have that last match when I’m 50 and be able to say I did it on my terms. That’s 9 years from now. But I don’t see an end to my career any time soon. I’d like to continue to go.

While fans eagerly await Randy Orton’s return to the ring, it remains uncertain when that may occur but it’s expected to happen sometime this year. His comments about potentially wrestling until the age of 50 indicate his dedication to the sport and his intention to leave a lasting impact before stepping away from active competition.

What are your thoughts on Randy Orton’s potential return to the ring? Do you believe he will make a comeback despite his current injury and his father’s comments about his physicians advising against it? Leave a comment below.

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