Former WWE and IMPACT Wrestling star Maria Kanellis-Bennett has hinted at a possible return to in-ring action, sharing her children’s interest in seeing her wrestle.

Bennett, who last competed in 2019 in a Mixed Tag Match alongside her husband Mike Bennett, has primarily served as a manager in Ring of Honor, IMPACT Wrestling, and All Elite Wrestling since then. However, during a recent episode of AEW’s Unrestricted podcast, she discussed the possibility of stepping back into the squared circle.

According to Bennett, her children have expressed a desire to see her wrestle, despite not having witnessed that part of her career.

“[My daughter] wants me to wrestle, so does my son. You get those pulls, they didn’t see that part of my life, but they want to and they’re interested. So, it’s almost like you have to kinda re-do it a little bit so they can see it. I don’t know. I truly felt like I was done, my last match I had was at WrestleMania 35, it was after I had my daughter and right before I got pregnant with my son. When I walked out, I was like ‘I don’t think this is for me anymore. I don’t think the wrestling part is for me anymore”


While she previously felt that her wrestling days were behind her after WrestleMania 35, Bennett acknowledged the influence her children have on her perspective.

“But now because of the kids, I’m like ‘Shoot’, because they really wanna see me wrestle, especially my son. Maybe one, maybe one more run wrestling. We’ll see, if it comes up.”

In a previous interview in March, Bennett also expressed her desire for her promotion, Women’s Wrestling Army, to be featured on HonorClub, further highlighting her ongoing involvement and passion for the wrestling industry.

What are your thoughts on Maria Kanellis-Bennett’s potential return to in-ring action? Do you think she should make a comeback? Sound off in the comments below.

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