Alexa Bliss is loved backstage in WWE, and she also lives quite a life outside the company. Some of those luxuries include owning an amazing massage chair, and she just couldn’t keep that to herself.

Alexa Bliss initially signed with WWE in 2013 and during her time with the company, she developed numerous friendships with fellow superstars. D-Von Dudley is a WWE Hall of Famer, but she is also friendly with Bliss.

During an appearance on the Table Talk podcast in August 2020, Alexa Bliss found herself in a conversation with Mo, Dudley’s co-host. Mo inquired about the frequent mentions made by the former Tag Team Champion regarding being invited to Bliss’ bedroom.

Alexa Bliss had to clear up those stories, because they were not scandalous at all. In fact, she only invited D-Von to her home so he could enjoy her massage chair.


 So, what had happened was, so I have this amazing massage chair that [is] just unbelievable. They have them at like charity golf tournaments, a lot of our friends have them, and Ryan [Cabrera] got one. And when I tried this massage chair, I was like, ‘oh my God! this thing is amazing.’ It massages your neck, your head, your tips and your fingers, the bottom of your feet, stretches you,” she said.

Alexa Bliss then added that she invited D-Von Dudley over to try her chair out. Before she knew it, the Dudley Boy was in that chair for an hour.

“And for like everything we do in the ring I was like, ‘this is the most amazing thing ever.’ And I was talking to D-Von at TV so I was like, ‘yeah, I just got this massage chair’ (…) and I was like, ‘you gotta come try it out.’ And yeah, he sat in that thing for like what, almost an hour.”

At this time, WWE fans are still waiting for Alexa Bliss’ return to the ring. She is currently pregnant with her and Ryan Cabrera’s first child. So, she has a lot to deal with in her personal life before that WWE comeback can go down.

Few things help revive your body like a good massage. Thankfully, Alexa Bliss has something like that around, because her body could probably use that kind of gadget as she carries her first baby.

At least we know that Alexa Bliss has a nice massage chair at home to help her relax through the uncertainty and anticipation that she is dealing with right now. For more on this story, and everything else going on in the pro wrestling world, stay tuned with us here at Ringside News.

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