Bray Wyatt returned to WWE during Extreme Rules last year and fans were elated at this shocking turn of events, as Wyatt was released by the company the prior year. While Wyatt remains absent from WWE again, it appears Wyatt was blasted for never drawing money.

Bray Wyatt began feuding with LA Knight upon his return, which fans were initially really excited about. Unfortunately, all of that was wasted after their Pitch Black match at the Royal Rumble, which was a massive disappointment.

It was previously reported that Wyatt is suffering from an illnessRingside News reported that Bray Wyatt is not cleared to return to the ring. Wyatt has also been removed from all WWE rosters.

It has been a long time since fans have seen Wyatt on WWE television and they continue to worry about him. While speaking on his podcast Story Time with Dutch Mantell, Dutch Mantell blasted Brayy Wyatt for never drawing money in WWE.


“The Fiend – I don’t even know if he was a heel or a babyface! It was according to what his opponent was, I guess. But I never saw the purpose of him. He never drew any money, now he may sell some merchandise but if he just going to sell merchandise, let’s keep him down on your card and don’t try to push him into your main event because I don’t think he’s going to sell any tickets.”

Some also believe that Bray Wyatt should go back to NXT and improve his workBray Wyatt’s WWE return is still on paper. Wyatt’s mask molds for The Fiend were also destroyed last year. We will have to wait and see when Wyatt will finally make his WWE return.

What’s your view on this story? Do you think Bray Wyatt never drew good money in WWE? Let us know in the comments!

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