Matt Cardona, the reigning Internet Champion, has made an exciting announcement by officially crowning the first-ever Women’s Internet Champion. Known for his innovative use of the internet and social media to connect with fans, Cardona has been ahead of the curve in utilizing these platforms to elevate his career.

In recent times, Cardona has embraced his internet persona by reviving the popular series Z! True Long Island Story alongside Steph De Lander. Through this revival, both Cardona and De Lander bid farewell to their previous WWE personas, marking a fresh chapter in their respective careers.

Building on the momentum, Cardona took his internet success further by releasing a video portraying himself as “The Rydertaker.” The video depicted Cardona stalking Steph De Lander in a graveyard, symbolizing the end of Zack Ryder and Persia Pirotta. The video quickly gained immense popularity, accumulating over a million views in just 48 hours.

Following this viral success, Matt Cardona took to social media to announce the crowning of Steph De Lander as the first Women’s Internet Champion. In a tweet, Cardona declared, “I’m already the Internet Champion… I am officially crowning @stephdelander the WOMEN’S INTERNET CHAMPION!”


For fans who may have missed Matt Cardona’s portrayal as “The Rydertaker,” the video can be viewed on below.

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