WWE Superstars can suffer an injury at any time in the ring. It is a very dangerous workplace, after all. It seems that one Superstar actually owes their position in the company to an injury situation.

Although WWE usually removed injured Superstars from the road, other times they can find a use for them in non-wrestling roles. Fans saw MVP receive that treatment in recent years, and Maxine Dupree is no different.

While speaking to the Out of Character podcast, Maxine Dupree was quite candid about her journey in WWE. It turns out that she owes her spot on the main roster to an injury.

“This is actually interesting because I’ve never talked about this in terms of this, but I fractured my fibula. That happened in May or June, and I think of that in hindsight as a big blessing because I wasn’t doing much in ‘NXT’ because I was injured. So I think when they were looking at who was going to be Maxxine, that ended up being a positive for me and allowed me to heal and what not.”


Maxine Dupri also remembered her brief stint working alongside Robert Stone and Von Wagner on “NXT.” During that time, WWE began promoting the Maxxine character, which sparked speculation that she might be stepping into that role. However, Maxine remained uncertain until a moment when her intuition began to suggest that something significant was about to unfold. Shortly thereafter, she received a text message that would alter the trajectory of her career.

“I wake up at seven the next morning and I have a text from travel. They’re like, ‘Hey, you’re needed at SmackDown tomorrow. I’m booking your travel,'” Dupri recalled. She went to the WWE Performance Center for training and got in contact with the brand’s lead writer. Upon checking his email, that’s when everyone learned she would be portraying LA Knight’s sister and that she needed to get on a flight in four hours. Dupri said she got a spray tan and packed her bags before flying out. She also credits her background in cheerleading for teaching her how to adapt in a fast-paced environment.

We’ll have to see what happens with Maxine Dupree in the years to come. She has a nice spot as manager of Maximum Male Models, but only time will tell how much more gas that stable has in the tank. If anything, they are certainly entertaining us along the way.

What’s your take on WWE using Superstars during their injuries. Should they do that more often? Sound off in the comments!

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