WWE has seen a lot of very interesting ideas float around the writers’ room. Sometimes an idea is squashed by Vince McMahon, but sometimes even the Chairman of the Board can’t make an angle work.

Santino Marella, recently shared that he pitched a storyline with hopes of transitioning away from the comedic character he was famously known for. This never came to pass, but it would have certainly made for an interesting WWE moment.

While speaking to Metro, Santino Marella explained a hypnosis angle that was pitched to rid him of his funny bone.

“I pitched one story where I wanted to have a hypnotist hypnotise Santino. When he as under the hypnosis, he was this killer and then the hypnosis was removed and he started losing again.


“And then he had that moment where someone talked to him, that speech in the movie like, ‘Even though you were under hypnosis that was you, you did that stuff,’ and then we can transition to a little more legitimate fighter.”

Santino Marella, reflecting on his creative endeavor to inspire change in WWE, candidly shared that his approach might have been too elaborate for the company’s preferences.

“But you know, you can make the best steak in the world but if it’s a bologna sandwich market, well, you better make bologna sandwich, right?”

When Santino Marella made his WWE debut in the mid-2007, he was not initially portrayed as a comedy act. Instead, he was presented as a plucky underdog. However, Marella revealed that it wasn’t until his subsequent heel turn that he was truly able to showcase his talents.

“The audience didn’t really like the fact that they were being force-fed this character, so then we turned heel and it became funny. Once it became funny, I was comfortable with that.”

Despite having a desire to explore a more serious and grounded portrayal of his character, one that would highlight his real-life judo skills, Santino Marella has come to embrace and feel content with the legacy of his comedic persona.

“It’s all very serious! It’s a nearly impossible task that you’re going after, in terms of the percentage of success to make it to the highest level, very few people make it.

“But at the same time, it’s entertainment, right? We have to remember that we’re pretending we’re fighting, it’s a soap opera. 

“‘Broadway with bodyslams,’ that’s how JR put it Yeah, I would’ve liked to have been a tougher, (more) in your face wrestler, but at the end of the day, the Santino character, he’s made a lot of people laugh and shared that family times in people’s living rooms.”

Santino Marella put a lot of smiles on fans faces, thanks to his comedy character, complete with the Cobra. Only time will tell how many outings he has left in the ring, but Marella has seemingly hung up his boots for now.

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