There are indications that Zak Zodiac might join AEW in some capacity in the near future.

Zak Zodiac, also known as Zak Knight, has made appearances on AEW television, showing his support for his sister Saraya from the crowd. However, despite being an active wrestler who regularly competes in the UK, he has yet to compete on AEW television.

Saraya revealed that AEW President Tony Khan has expressed interest in booking Zak in the United States but was unable to do so because Zak did not have a visa. Taking matters into her own hands, Saraya ensured that the situation was resolved.

During an interview on the Mark Hoke Show, when asked about the possibility of a Fighting With My Family 2, Saraya expressed her desire to see her brother succeed.


“I would love to see my brother get his moment. There were two stories, and there was Zak. I just got him his visa. Tony was amazing. He took the time to talk to Zak and said, ‘Do you have a visa?’ ‘No, I don’t.’ ‘Well, I would put you in a dark match right now, but you need to have a visa.’ ‘Consider it done.’ He never had the opportunity in WWE. They never gave him a chance. He went through all these tryouts, and they never gave him a shot. After the movie, I feel like they really missed out on a huge opportunity with him. That could have been the ultimate underdog story. Years and years spent trying to make it. Now, with AEW, Tony didn’t even hesitate. He said, ‘Yeah, I’ll give you a dark match. Sure.’ So, I thought, ‘I’ll just get him his visa.’ I managed to secure his visa, and it should arrive in August, which is fantastic. I would love to see his story unfold where he finally achieves his dreams. His story is an even bigger underdog tale.”

Previously, Saraya had expressed her hope that her family would be involved with AEW when the company traveled to the UK.

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