Joey Janela is still enjoying his time in the pro wrestling world. This includes a lot of time on the road, and interacting with pro wrestling personalities all over. Sadly, it seems that he doesn’t get along with all of them.

Joey Janela tweeted out to plug an upcoming meet and greet to say, “Tomorrow @LVFightShop come meet Florida Man 2-4, NO MASKS & if you still shop at target leave your satanic vibes at home! 1st ever appearance! $20 crisp American dollars.”

Then the Bad Boy took a random shot at JD from New York as he commented, “Ugly mother f*cker” to a photo of him. That did not go unanswered for long.

JD from New York tweeted out to argue with Joey Janela as he said, “But this is an even uglier ratio Janela. Like you’re one to talk. You tweet about me, and your Twitter numbers quadruple what you normally tweet. Don’t you have another foot to burn in a “wrestling match” while staff stumbles to find a fire extinguisher because they weren’t ready with one at the scene?”


Joey Janela then tweeted back in reply. He furthered his feud with JD from New York, as he also took a shot at the idea of being ratioed by Twitter in the process.

This dude thinks he’s better looking than me lol

A ratio isn’t real life, Twitter is not real life. You never contributed anything to this business, you’re an angry little sexist virgin dwarf. Every douchy tweet I see you post, makes me nauseas because it’s sad you actually make money off This business people kill themselves for. F*ck you, when I see you I’m gonna smack the dogsh*t out of you or worse

We will have to see what’s next for Joey Janela, because there’s no way to tell how he will capture headlines next. His Twitter account is still worth an interesting follow, and he’s always entertaining as well.

What’s your take on this latest feud for Joey Janela? Do you think he needs to cool it down, or do you love the Bad Boy? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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