CM Punk and AEW are involved in a bit of drama, but that’s nothing new for him. Now, it seems that things were settled and Punk will be a part of Collision after all.

Ryan Frederick, who works for F4WOnline, posted on their message board that CM Punk is a go for Collision. It seems that Punk and AEW were able to work out whatever issues they had.

A lot of information was being passed around late last night about Punk, but it was also noted that the Second City Savior signed a non-disclosure agreement, so he cannot talk about Brawl Out.

“I can’t speak for Bryan because I don’t know what info he’s been given, and there’s definitely been a lot of different info being passed around with this whole thing. I can only say that, based on what I was told at midnight ET, Punk is good to go for Collision, that he signed an NDA pertaining to Brawl Out (which was described as necessary for him to return but also a difficult negotiation, but he knew he had to do it and there’s a lot of people he doesn’t want to let down), and a couple of other legal documents that were also necessary for him to return that protects AEW in case of another bad situation. There’s one thing I’ll keep quiet on because it’s nothing major, but this whole thing is basically now him playing ball because he says he loves AEW and wants to help the company grow and he knows what will happen if there’s another big issue.”


The fact that CM Punk inked a NDA about Brawl Out also indicates that fans will never hear that event called out in future promos, no matter who Punk is feuding with. We will have to see what happens in this situation. Obviously, there is a lot to pan out when CM Punk starts settling himself back into the swing of things.

It was previously noted that CM Punk’s deal with AEW wasn’t dead. Ringside News also exclusively reported on WWE’s internal reaction to Punk screwing with AEW like he did.

AEW reportedly gave CM Punk and Ace Steel the impression that he would be a producer on Collision. The company changing this apparent agreement is also a sticking point. Now, CM Punk holding out because of this situation.

What’s your take on CM Punks’ situation with AEW? Are you glad that he’s coming back? Sound off in the comments!

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