You never know what can happen on social media, because bad actors are lurking everywhere. It seems that Matt Hardy knows all about that, especially after a recent hacking situation.

Matt Hardy’s Twitter account was hacked, and that was quite an experience. Hardy was able to regain his account, but things were sketchy for a while.

During his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt spoke about the situation. He also explained what role his wife played in the situation. Reby Hardy tried to help, but she only ended up battling a hacker.

“This guy was able to get into my account and I’m telling my wife this, and she’s like, ‘Holy f*ck, let me do this. Let me try and help you out.’ So now she’s in the midst of a battle against this hacker… she’s like battling the hacker back and forth and her band Korn is playing, and I felt so bad for her.”


Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy are finally back together on television, so it seems that is their direction. Only time will tell how long it takes the Hardys to make their way to FTR, so the Hardy Boyz might be able to pick up yet another title in their illustrious career.

Hackers are everywhere, and they can access your account by using a number of methods. Matt Hardy didn’t reveal how his account was compromised, but hopefully, he will be able to lock his account down a bit more.

What’s your take on this hacker situation? Do you think that it was worth their effort to do what they did? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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