CM Punk’s performance at the media scrum after All Out led to chaos in the locker room. The Elite and Punk threw down, and only Ace Steel was fired. Although AEW denies they re-hired Ace Steel, it was reported that they gave him a job and refused to let him come to work, which made CM Punk back out of their new deal.

Despite rumors of CM Punk’s inclusion in Collision, Punk’s announcement as part of the show did not materialize. He is now holding out, and it’s unclear if they will be able to work anything out. AEW has contacted backup venue for the Collision debut, just in case.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that a few AEW talent do not understand why the company is giving CM Punk another chance. This could cause further issues in the locker room as well.

He’s a draw. You know, the big picture money is there, so I understand the attempt. I know a lot of talent did not, or didn’t or just felt that it shouldn’t have happened, what happened should disqualify him.


It was also noted that Tony Khan tried his best to make the CM Punk situation work, because of how much money there is to be made. Vince McMahon was also brought up, and how he always did what’s best for business as well regarding bringing back controversial names.

We will have to see what happens next in this situation with CM Punk and AEW. He might have burned a bridge with AEW, but that won’t change how much money they can stand to make together.

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