In a surprising announcement, Laredo Kid took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal that he is now a free agent. The renowned luchador, known for his high-flying and electrifying in-ring style, shared the news with his fans, signaling a new chapter in his professional wrestling career.

Laredo Kid has been a prominent figure in the wrestling world, having made his mark in various promotions. Most notably, he had been associated with Impact Wrestling, where he showcased his skills. However, with his recent declaration of free agency, the luchador’s future ventures are open to speculation.

Throughout his career, Laredo Kid has worked with organizations such as AAA Lucha Libre, GCW, VxS, and more. His appearances across multiple platforms have garnered him a dedicated fanbase and recognition as one of the top luchadors in the industry.

As a free agent, Laredo Kid has the opportunity to explore new opportunities and collaborations with different wrestling promotions. With his impressive track record and reputation, the luchador is undoubtedly poised to leave a lasting impact wherever he chooses to take his talents.


Ringside News will continue to keep a close eye on Laredo Kid’s journey as a free agent and will keep you updated on this status.

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