WWE works on a tight schedule when it comes to television, because they have to hit times just right. That being said, it seems that one of the company’s long-standing rules about promo work is no longer a priority.

Stephanie McMahon once fired a Superstar on the spot backstage after they didn’t get a written promo just right. It seems that day in WWE is in the past. Now, a lot of Superstars are able to work without a script.

One fan tweeted out to BWE, a proven backstage source in WWE, to ask, “any news if WWE will return to unscripted promos & bring back the moving match graphics for Raw & Smackdown unscripted promos will do wonders for feuds & ratings?” This question received a reply from the WWE insider.

Few big names are free promo. No scripts. But no way to let that fly for the others


It was not noted who is working without a script now, but it is good that Superstars are able to add their own flare to things. A Superstar needs to be invested in their persona, and allowing them to form their own sentences is a great way to get a direct message across.

It’s not a good idea to eliminate scripts all together. After all, the show cold quickly devolve into absolute chaos if that was the case.

A few WWE Superstars might be allowed to do their own thing, but that is not a sweeping policy across the roster. People like Cody Rhodes might get to pick their own words, but the same is not going to apply with every single member of the roster. We will have to see if some of those names come out at a later date, so we know exactly who is able to fly on television without a script.

What’s your take on WWE Superstars doing promos without a script? Sound off in the comments!

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