AEW’s new console video game doesn’t have a release date yet, but fans are still excited about Fight Forever. Now, we have several updates from the game, without a release date, but there is a lot to talk about right now.

Sean Sapp noted behind Fightful’s paywall that, according to sources close to Yuke’s, an announcement regarding AEW’s console game is expected to be made in the near future. While no details could be confirmed, there is speculation that the release may coincide with the AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door show in June.

It should be noted that previous release dates mentioned by online retailers in recent months were not based on accurate information. The original target for the game was Fall 2022, and Kenny Omega expressed hope for a 2022 release in an interview with Fightful in June 2022, but the game was not yet complete.

A leaked achievement video surfaced online, and the game is available for pre-installation on Xbox, which typically occurs close to a release date. At this time, there is no movement toward that prospective date.


Many involved in the AEW Fight Forever project, including writers and musicians, reportedly finished up their contributions to the game as early as a year ago. While there was initially hope for a Fall 2022 release, those working on the game indicated in early April that although progress was being made, it was not yet 100 percent complete.

Early testers of the game also reportedly noted that the play-style is reminiscent of the acclaimed WWF No Mercy game, and it is intentionally distinct from the WWE 2K series. Evil Uno shared with Fightful in November 2022 that the plan is for a single release of the game with ongoing updates.

Chants for the game were recorded by AEW during an event in April 2022. Although it was previously mentioned over a year ago that the cut-off date for including the day one roster had passed, it is unclear if that has changed as the game experienced delays. It is also noteworthy that veterans from previous successful and critically acclaimed WWE games were involved in crafting the story modes, which received significant resources and attention.

The game is expected to receive a T-Teen rating and had to make adjustments to reduce the level of gore and blood in order to meet that rating requirement. At this time, we are still waiting on more concrete information about a release date, or even a new trailer.

It is possible that CM Punk and Cody Rhodes’ situations threw a wrench in the video games’ plans. After all, Punk was removed from the cover, but not the company. Cody actually left the company, and at this time it is not confirmed that he will be in the game, but it’s not likely considering his current employer.

What’s your take on AEW’s new video game? Do you want to buy Fight Forever on launch day? Sound off in the comments!

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