WWE has a few big stars in the pipeline, but few have the potential of Gable Steveson. The former Olympic Gold medalist will be in WWE sooner or later, but he has a few things to wrap up first. That being said, he is still training for when that day comes.

Gable Steveson had to think about a comeback in amateur wrestling. After all, he could also rake up more accolades in that sport. A huge WWE deal is waiting on him when he’s ready, and it seems that Steveson is already impressing his trainers.

While speaking on the Kurt Angle podcast, Ken Anderson revealed that Gable Steveson is doing incredibly well when it comes to his training. He is taking direction and able to do things perfectly the first time around.

“He’s really taken to it. He’s one of those guys, I remember, he took his first bump, and I told him, ‘Get up this way,’ and he got up the wrong way.


“Before I even said anything, he just went, ‘Oh–‘ reversed himself back down and did it almost perfectly the first time.

Ken Anderson also spoke about how fans will compare Gable Steveson’s progress to Kurt Angle’s WWE career. After all, the Olympic Hero took to pro wrestling like a fish to water as well.

“People will often say that Kurt took to the business like nobody they’ve ever seen before, that he got it immediately, and you got not only the athletic side of things, but you got the showmanship, the storytelling, and the character stuff.

“I feel like Gable is on that path. He can do great things.

“He’s young. He’s very young, but he’s already a man. You know, he’s very young, but when I’m talking to him, he seems you’re talking to an old soul like he’s in his 30s.”

Gable Steveson will likely do big things in WWE when the time is right. He had a few roadblocks along the way, and he needed to focus on his health, but it seems that Steveson is still making great progress on his journey in WWE.

Only time will tell what kind of impact Gable Steveson has in WWE, but it is apparent that the company is going to give him the time and tools to do big things.

What’s your take on Gable Steveson’s chances in WWE? Is he going to explode onto the scene when the time comes? Sound off in the comments!

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