Kevin Owens is regarded as one of the top WWE Superstars and there is a good reason for that. Before making his way to WWE, Owens made a name for himself as Kevin Steen in the independent circuit. Now it appears he was called out for lying about a bizarre Wrestling pitch.

Kevin Owens has worked with many pro wrestling personalities in his career and that includes Jim Cornette. In an old podcast that resurfaced online, Kevin Owens talked about his time working in Ring Of Honor.

In the clip, Kevin Owens stated that he wanted to be known as The Antichrist as his wrestling character. According to Owens, Jim Cornette objected and instead proposed that he be called “Mr. Evil.” Cornette saw the clip and replied to it, calling out Kevin Owens for lying.

“Only BS is ALMOST everything. Couldn’t call himself the AntiChrist on Sinclair TV, not my call. I asked Delirious what Steen wanted to call his GROUP of stooges–he had no idea. I said “What about EVIL” cause he had that TATTOED ON HIS ARM. I’d have called them Drizzling Sh**s.”


Kevin Owens had a great run in Ring Of Honor, where he was the ROH World Champion as well. Regardless, it is unlikely Owens will lose any sleep over what Jim Cornette said.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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