Baron Corbin talks about his WWE character’s evolution and what direction he wants to take it in the immediate future.

Baron Corbin has been a part of the WWE main roster for seven years, but he has been in the WWE system for a decade. In that time, he has undergone numerous character changes that have seen him go from a silent badass to a high-rolling egotist. Along the way, he was also WWE King of the Ring, a constable, and extremely poor and ragged.

In a recent interview with Catch Club, Corbin opened up about the evolution of his character, which version of the character was the most difficult to play, and what he wants to see his character do in the immediate future.

Corbin admitted that the Constable role was the most difficult because it required him to master his mic skills.


“Lone Wolf, that was my attitude. Rock and roll, I rode a motorcycle, I’m tattooed, I live that lifestyle. That was a very natural role for me,” he said. “Then, stepping into the ‘Constable’ role, it was a big-time change. I had to go from a guy who’s known for just being athletic and wrestling, and I had to really master the promo. I had to open Raw with a six-minute monologue by myself. That’s hard to do. I had to really learn that, so I loved the ‘Constable’ phase because it got me extremely comfortable with a microphone in front of the audience to convey emotion, to convey whatever story I’m trying to tell to these people, and put that emotion behind it.”

Corbin went on to say that he loved the King Corbin gimmick and felt like it was the first time he became a character. He had the crown, the big coat, and the way he carried himself.

Corbin then expressed his desire to merge different elements of his characters to create the best hybrid persona that would allow him to keep the entertaining side of himself while also returning to the grittiness of his original character. “I would love to get back to that grittiness of ‘The Lone Wolf,’ but make a little bit of everything in it.

‘The Lone Wolf’ was a little one-dimensional. It didn’t have all the dimensions that I think you need to be a John Cena or a Roman Reigns,” said Corbin. “Roman Reigns can take you from him being just a big bully to you can see the frustration or the sadness or when he feels like the table is crumbling. He can take you through all those emotions; I think that’s what you need to have a successful character. So when I’ve gotten these different characters through the time, they’ve all been very different.”

Baron Corbin wants to combine all of his character’s different emotions and create something new that will captivate audiences. “Let’s combine them all, put them into one thing, and make some magic,” he said.

Fans of Corbin will have to wait and see how his character evolves and what changes he brings to the ring. But one thing is for sure: Corbin’s talent and experience will undoubtedly continue to shine through in his performances.

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