WWE has a lot of history to the company, and they’ve seen many changes. This includes introducing huge stars like Bad Bunny to the mix, who come in rocking old company logos. Sadly, Bad Bunny wore an old company logo on SmackDown that WWE isn’t allowed to show anymore.

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WWE lost a big lawsuit with the World Wildlife Fund in the UK many years ago, and that’s why they “got the F out” of their logo. That old logo cannot be used in any new media now, which is why they blurred it from DVD releases for years. That cost WWE a ton in editing costs, but it saved them another lawsuit.

Bad Bunny rocked a throwback WWE jacket on SmackDown this week, but it had that old WWF Attitude Era logo on it. Sean Sapp noted behind Fightful’s paywall that WWE had to digitize over that old logo.


WWE had to digitize Bad Bunny’s outfit from Smackdown, as the terms of the World Wildlife Fund lawsuit from 20+ years ago disallows new usage of the “WWF” logo.

Bad Bunny didn’t have that jacket on for long, and he soon traded it for an LWO shirt. That was a big night for Bunny, but an even more chaotic one for the editing team as they had to scurry and cover up that logo.

In case you’re wondering, Vince McMahon is not upset at Bad Bunny for wearing that jacket. There is no heat on Bad Bunny at all, but it’s very likely WWE will be extra careful not to let that logo on television again.

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