MTV’s The Challenge is long-running reality television, working on 38 seasons at this point, based competition that puts contestants through grueling challenges that push their bodies to the literal breaking point. WWE Superstars also have to endure a lot of punishment to make it far in the business, and one MTV star is very interested in a crossover.

WWE has seen a few crossover stars from a variety of outlets that you would never imagine. Logan Paul comes to mind first, but there’s also Johnny Knoxville, who has a WrestleMania win under his belt as well.

While speaking to FMC, Mark Long explained that he wants a run in WWE. The MTV The Challenge veteran, at least, wants to touch foot in NXT eventually.

“I’m saying I wouldn’t want to be full-time. Would I do a three or four week arc like Bad Bunny or Johnny Knoxville? 1000%. There are a few ways to do this. I have to get on NXT at some point, whether I’m interfering on a match with Grayson or sitting in on commentary, I have to be involved. That’s easy. That’s a car ride for me. That I want to push for this year, that’s going to happen.”


“In terms of WWE, there is so much they can do with Miz and I because we came from that era and show. I don’t think we need to be partners. I feel we’d be nemesis. ‘How dare this guy come into my world that I’ve established and become such a megastar, how dare he try to dip his toe into my world of wrestling.’ I think that would be a great angle. Mike is head and shoulders a better wrestler than me. He’s one of the hugest superstars over there. Anything I do is with all due respect. I’d love to lock horns with that fucker. It’d be great.”

A lot of people forget that The Miz made his first television appearances as a part of MTV’s Real World. The A-Lister went on to have an amazing career, and he used MTV’s reality television show as a launching pad.

WWE is always open for business, and bringing in someone with crossover appeal is always interesting for them. Only time will tell if Mark Long has a lengthy run in WWE, but he apparently has a lot of interest.

What’s your take on this possible addition to the WWE roster? Do you think Mark Long has what it takes to become a WWE Superstar? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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