Grayson Waller became the number one contender for the NXT Championship after winning the Iron Survivor Challenge match at NXT Deadline. Over the past few weeks, Waller has seemed to get the better of Breakker by outsmarting him. Waller who will now challenge for the NXT title at NXT New Year’s Evil has revealed how he has trained for the Champion.

Grayson Waller recently spoke to Fightful. During the interview, Waller mentioned that The Challenge is his favorite show and he’s open to appearing on it, but he is focused on wrestling for now. He also mentioned that having blonde hair and being trained to wrestle helped him land the role of Ric Flair on Young Rock since the show’s casting team prefers to work with wrestlers.

Grayson Waller noted that he’s watched every Bron Breakker match and has prepared for him accordingly. Waller recently wrestled Akira Tozawa on Main Event. When asked about the experience, he said it was “the best” and stated that there was a benefit of competing in front of different crowds instead of the same NXT crowds

“Fightful spoke to Grayson Waller for a new interview ahead of NXT New Year’s Evil on January 10.


Waller, a veteran of Survivor, noted that The Challenge is his favorite show, and that he’s open to appearing at it one day, but he’s focused on wrestling right now. With a significant wrestling/Challenge crossover, that’s certainly possible. During the pandemic, a lot of television production was moved to Australia because it was safer than the United States, and he ended up landing the Ric Flair role on Young Rock. Already being trained to wrestle and having blonde hair at the time ended up working in his favor. He says Young Rock casting prefers to work with wrestlers as to not train them to do everything.

Waller said he’s watched every Bron Breakker match, whether it’s been TV, live events or PC Live, and has been preparing for him accordingly. Much of the interview was in character, but he said that he wanted to main event the Charlotte and LA NXT PLE shows.

Waller wrestled Akira Tozawa on Main Event recently. He said the experience was “the best” and there was a benefit in wrestling in front of different people after competing in front of the same NXT crowds. He loves being thrown in different kinds of matches because it challenges him and the company trusts him in those spots,” per Fightful.

Grayson Waller will face Bron Breakker for the NXT Championship at New Year’s Evil. We will have to wait and see if Waller will be able to win his first Championship in NXT. Stay tuned to Ringside News for live coverage of NXT New Year’s Evil.

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