Joey Janela made a name for himself in AEW during the early years of the company, as he had solid feuds with Jon Moxley and other such top stars. He might no longer be in AEW, but that doesn’t mean Janela isn’t capable of making headlines. Now it appears Janela once tried Hulk Hogan into believing his friend was dying.

Joey Janela has slowly become a major name on social media, mostly due to all the antics he has been pulling off there as of late. This includes a recent post about him enjoying glory hole.

In case you forgot, Joey Janela was recently part of karaoke night at Hogan’s Beach Shop. He even jumped on stage during the event and sang his own version of Proud To Be An American.

Joey Janela took to Twitter and revealed to the world that he disguised himself and completely fooled Hulk Hogan in a big way. As the story goes, Janela claimed that he made Hogan believe his friend Jimmy Llyod was about to disease of a disease and convinced him to take a photo.



The best part about the hogan deal was that I changed my outfit, let my hair down and hogan had no idea it was me and I told him
was about to die of a disease within weeks and we took this shitty picture…..

Joey Janela even got frisky with mascot at the Devils-Rangers game recently. There is nothing Joey Janela won’t do to keep himself relevant on social media and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

What’s your take on Joey Janela’s post? Are you shocked he fooled Hulk Hogan? Sound off in the comments!

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