AEW is reportedly considering a roster split with the return of CM Punk. This split would help keep him away from those who he doesn’t like and vice versa, due to backstage drama leading to the incidents at All Out.

AEW is building and introducing a roster split for their new Saturday night show, Collision, which debuts next month on TNT as a two-hour program. The company plans to premiere the episode with the return of Punk at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, on June 17.

Previously, it was reported that Punk and FTR were set to be used on Collision, while The Elite and others would stay on Dynamite. However, according to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that the updated plan is for there to be less of a hard roster split.

“The updated plan, and this will possibly change a few times, is that there will be less of a hard roster split as previously told to people who do know about it. The thought is that the split will not be hard at all with the women as they don’t believe there is enough star power to do a hard split.”


The plan is still for Punk to be the star of Collision most weeks, but he will be at Dynamite at times when needed. AEW plans to have those who have issues with Punk on Collision when Punk is at Dynamite to avoid the issues until they can get resolved, but that hasn’t happened yet.

It was added that “all of this is still up in the air and being figured out in real-time and nothing is final, but this could be how it ends up happening.”

This roster split would be a way for AEW to manage backstage drama and help ensure a peaceful environment for all of its talent. The promotion has been steadily gaining popularity and success, and this decision could help keep things running smoothly as they continue to grow.

What do you think about AEW’s consideration of a roster split to manage backstage drama and keep CM Punk away from those he doesn’t like? Leve a comment.

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