Marty Jannetty gave his life to the pro wrestling business, and he is now recovering after surgery from an injury that he sustained after years in the ring. Now he is providing an update for fans who worry about how he’s doing. In the end, he’s the same old Marty.

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Marty Jannetty logged onto Facebook, and he dropped one of his signature off-the-wall posts. The former WWE Superstar posted a photo of his legs along with an update about his ankle recovery. He is still recovering 6 months after surgery.



Sorry to show you my skanky azz feet but for those who have followed this battle with the blood infection & atrocious ankle recovery war from surgery 6 months ago, as you can see we’re pretty much healed superficially and was ready to take our victory lap..walking good and even working out at the gyms..we went to get a final MRI to be certain we’re good to make 6 appearances in 4 days starting tomorrow Thursday through Sunday in NY & NJ..the MRI came back, NOT GOOD..the infection is back in the hollow of the tibia(aka shinbone)..we’ve got to open it up again, scrap aggressively this time on the inside of the bone..

SH*T!!! 6 more damn months of healing on the way ..BUT!! I WILL make these upcoming 6 appearances…gonna be hella grind for a poisoned person but I vow to get this done for y’all..please just know, the Party Marty Train will show up as The Party Lite Choo-Choo..meaning I wont be partying(drinking or other stuff I don’t do anymore anyway)..I mean we can still hang out if you want to be around a boring Marty Lite..I will start posting where you can still come see me & the boyz all this weekend..sorry for this long azz post too but seems only right to let y’all know as some of my people there have made extensive party plans with me..just know, I loves y’all and will be back 100 in the very near future and we can do what we to all the way, no Marty Lite, lol..gonna post the appearances now…

PS- AND BELIEVE ME, I’m still so happy I get to see you all..It’s been 15 months since cleared to travel..can’t wait to hug y’all up!!

Marty Jannetty is set to get his own Dark Side of the Ring episode, and it is going to be insane. Obviously, fans will tune in for that episode while hoping for some crazy moments.

We will have to see what Marty Jannetty does on social media as his Dark Side of the Ring episode draws closer. It might just draw out a side of Marty that we all used to know very well.

What’s your take on Marty Jannetty’s latest post? Do you think that he needs to spend more time on social media? Sound off in the comments!

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