WWE has television rights deals coming up, and fans want to know which network they will have to tune into to catch their favorite Superstars. That being said, USA Network and FOX have an edge on the competition, because they have a chance to lock WWE down before anyone else can get to them.

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The 2023 first quarter earnings report from WWE brought a few interesting pieces of information to light. We know how much time WWE has left in their deal with Peacock, and UFC is going to keep their hands out of WWE business.

During the call, Nick Khan was asked how long WWE has an exclusive television rights negotiation window with FOX and USA Network for SmackDown and WWE RAW respectively. He replied that they have “about a month, a month each.”


The way Nick Khan answered the question seemed to indicate that FOX and USA Network have around a month to talk with WWE on their own about renewing their television deals, without WWE fielding offers from elsewhere. This could be a two-month process, but he did not reveal which one of the two the company is speaking with.

WWE has a lot of options, because they are a major player in the space. The WWE Network, while it wasn’t perfect, was a groundbreaking accomplishment as they led the field in streaming. Now they are able to shop around their content, or WWE could always centralize their library again on a massive streaming service and become competition instead of a partner. Naturally, their programming is desired by a few big players, and the thought of leaving traditional television isn’t off the table either.

WWE is open for business, and their merger with the UFC under Endeavor proves that. Only time will tell how WWE fans will have to watch their product in a couple of years, but they are entering into another very interesting time in the company’s history.

What’s your take on this story? Do you want WWE to stay on FOX and USA Network? Sound off in the comments!

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