Former Impact Wrestling World Champion Tessa Blanchard has signed a multi-show deal with XPW, according to an announcement made by the promotion on May 2nd. Blanchard will make her debut for XPW on May 27th at their event called “Broken, Breat, & Scarred,” which will be aired on Stream XPW.

Blanchard has been out of the ring since she left Impact Wrestling in June 2020 and was stripped of the Impact World Championship. She was set to return with Women Of Wrestling, but reportedly had a falling out with the company in early 2022.

After that, Blanchard was announced to be working upcoming tour dates with Canadian Wrestling’s Elite in May. However, this new signing with XPW means she will be appearing in even more high-profile events in the near future.

Blanchard’s signing with XPW is sure to generate buzz among wrestling fans, as she is widely considered one of the most talented and controversial wrestlers of her generation. Her appearance at “Broken, Breat, & Scarred” will be highly anticipated, and fans are eager to see how she will perform in the ring after her long hiatus.


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