Cody Rhodes came up short at WrestleMania 39, and he found himself laying there, defeated, with a rubber chicken next to him in the ring. That was not the way he wanted his night in SoFi Stadium to end at all, especially that part about the rubber chicken.

That image of Cody Rhodes laying next to a rubber chicken at WrestleMania was instantly meme-worthy. Plenty of fans joked about it, and Rhodes even brought it up in one of his promos on WWE television.

MeTV horror host Svengoolie has come forward and denied any involvement in the incident. Apparently, a lot of fans assumed it was him, since his show often features rubber chickens getting thrown, usually after a joke.

“We also heard from WWE fans about a strange occurrence at “Wrestlemania” this year — after Cody Rhodes was defeated by Roman Raines for the championship, somebody threw a rubber chicken into the ring near Cody! This set off a whole bunch of inquiries asking if I was responsible (no, I was not!) I did make sure I made it clear to some of my friends who work in the WWE that I was not even there. They believed me… I think.“


This doesn’t help us solve the mystery of who threw the rubber chicken at WrestleMania 39. We can’t imagine that there would be any penalty given to the fan who launched that chicken in protest to the Tribal Chief beating the American Nightmare. So, someone’s obviously not after the clout, or everyone would know who did it by now.

Perhaps one day the rubber chicken launcher will come forward. Until then, WWE might need to put rubber chickens on their banned items list to avoid copycat incidents.

What’s your take on the big WrestleMania rubber chicken mystery? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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