Former WWE Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax has opened up about her life since being released from her WWE contract in November 2021.

While speaking with Busted Open Radio, Jax revealed that she had to take time to find herself again after getting lost in the business.

“Thankfully, I have such an amazing family and I have great friends to where I literally just sat around for this last year trying to find myself again. Trying to find where Lina was in all of this because I got lost,” Jax said. “I got totally lost and, you know, everybody who’s in this business knows this, like, you get fully engrained in it.”

Jax returned to WWE for one-off appearance earlier this year, entering the 2023 women’s Royal Rumble match. The two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion revealed that she got the wrestling bug again after featuring in that over-the-top-rope elimination bout. However, Jax has yet to lace up her wrestling boots and step back into the ring since.


Instead, Jax has been busy with other aspects of her life. Jax revealed that she has been helping out as a nanny since her brother had his first baby and also to back into going to church.

“So when I first got released, my brother had his first baby,” Jax said. “And so I got the best experience of being his nanny. My nephew’s nanny. And so I was nannying him up until he was around six or seven months … I literally got back into church, I have somebody I speak to regularly that kind of help me clear my mind of a lot of things and get me back to who I am … I do pilates every day now, I go do stuff at church, and I play pickleball. I have a farm too.”

It remains to be seen whether Jax will return to the ring in the future, but for now, it seems like she’s found fulfillment in other areas of her life. Fans of the former WWE RAW Women’s Champion can follow her journey through her social media channels, where she often shares updates on her latest activities and ventures.

Do you think it’s important for wrestlers to take breaks and reconnect with themselves and their loved ones after years of intense focus on wrestling? Leave a comment.

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