Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio has apologized for his past behavior and for speaking negatively about WWE and Triple H after his departure from the company. Del Rio had two stints with WWE, from 2009 to 2014 and then from 2015 to 2016. However, his exits were not smooth on either occasion. He was fired in 2014 after a backstage altercation and then requested his release in 2016, as he was unhappy with his creative direction.

After his second exit, Del Rio criticized the company and Triple H, but he has since apologized to The Game on multiple occasions. Speaking with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta, Del Rio admitted that he crossed the line and regrets his past behavior.

“Of course, I’ve done it. I’ve done it publicly. There are some people saying, ‘Oh, you’re doing it because you need a job.’ No, I always had a job. Different kind of job, not in the wrestling business. I always had a job. I just did it because I learned I should have never crossed the line with Triple H.”

The former WWE World Champion stated that he now understands why the promotion didn’t push him as Mexico wasn’t a lucrative market for them anymore. He added that he was ignorant at the time and thought Triple H didn’t like him, but he has since learned that WWE wanted to push new stars and that Mexico was not the market it used to be.


“There was a reason why he was not using me, but back then, I was stupid, and I thought he just didn’t like me and not because, at the time, they wanted to push new stars, and Mexico was not the market it used to be.”

Del Rio’s recent apology is a testament to his personal growth, and it shows that he has matured and is willing to take responsibility for his past mistakes. While he may no longer be a part of WWE, he has certainly learned some valuable lessons from his time there.

How do you feel about Alberto Del Rio’s apology to WWE and Triple H? Do you think he has shown growth and taken responsibility for his past behavior? Leave a comment.

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