Lisa Marie Varon, better known to wrestling fans as Victoria in WWE, has revealed that she was “treated like s**t” when she returned to WWE backstage. Varon made the comment during a recent appearance on the Grown Ass Women Podcast, where she discussed backstage etiquette with fellow wrestlers Bully Ray and Mickie James.

Varon’s comment came in response to a question about how she approaches working with other wrestlers and whether she follows certain protocols or rituals. Varon replied that she always tries to be welcoming and respectful to others, even if she doesn’t know them well or has had past issues with them. She then shared her own experience of being mistreated by some people when she returned to WWE.

“I was treated like s**t when I came back to (WWE) backstage. And I was like, you know what? How I got treated by some of the people, I will never treat a human like that. Ever.

“I’m gonna be the welcoming arm…They’re gonna say, ‘I want to work with Lisa.’”


Varon did not specify the time period of her return or the identity of the people who mistreated her, but some fans have speculated that it might have been her appearance in the 2021 women’s Royal Rumble match. That was the only official match that Varon had with WWE since she left the company in 2009, after a successful career that included two Women’s Championships and a Divas Championship.

Varon’s comments also echo those of other wrestlers who have spoken out about their negative experiences in WWE and other promotions, such as Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and AJ Lee. Their stories have prompted discussions about the need for better working conditions and have inspired fans to support their favorite wrestlers and advocate for change.

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